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Employee Benefits Portal

A Dynamic Self-Service HR Intranet Site

CPS Employee Benefits Portal provides you and your employees with 24/7 access to benefit plan details, educational content and company information.

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Value to Employers

The CPS Employee Benefits Portal can answer many of your employees' HR questions.

Questions like: Are you bombarded by employee questions regarding your benefit plans? Is someone getting married or having a child and wondering what they should do about benefits? Do you need to send out forms, or provide the same phone number repeatedly? Looking for a list of preferred doctors or hospitals?

Your Employee Benefits Portal is their one-stop resource for your company's HR information. With the help of a powerful posting tool, CPS provides you with the ability to post important company announcements, information and resources to your employee site.

Employees have immediate access to:
  • Company and benefit plan information 24/7
  • The latest forms, links to outside resources, advice, and plan changes instantly
  • Personalized educational benefits information to fit their unique needs; and, much more

In addition, CPS Benefits Portal provides you access to up-to-date benefit plan designs, broker communications, federal and state program information, syndicated industry news, and most importantly, authoritative HR Regulatory/Compliance and Best Practice content from The Bureau of National Affairs.

Value to Employees

With document and announcement posting, you can educate employees on their benefits, promote adoption, provide tools to support self-service enrollment and keep employees informed on the latest company news.

Detailed Benefit Plan Designs
  • Dynamic Plan Comparisons
  • Cost & Retirement Planning Calculators
  • Life Event Checklists & Outside Resources
  • Health News
  • Federal Program Information
  • Understanding Benefits
  • Resource Library
  • Health Topics
  • Hospital & Drug Comparison Tool

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