3 Technology Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Remote Workers

One of the most dramatic changes COVID-19 has had on business operations is the rise of remote workers. While completing daily tasks from a home office may not be an issue for you or your employees, some HR matters can be more challenging to handle remotely. That’s where technology can help. Here are some ways novel solutions can improve efficiencies and satisfaction in HR functions during the virus outbreak.

Pay Options

Different options are available to help ensure proper and timely receipt of employees’ compensation while protecting workers from potential exposure to contagions from outside courier services. If you haven’t already gone paperless, consider the benefits of the most common options:

  • Direct Deposit: This electronic option allows employees to have their paycheck automatically deposited into their bank account. By avoiding delays due to weather or other circumstances and eliminating a trip to the bank or check cashing fees, direct deposit is a stress-free way for employees to get paid.
  • Pay Cards: Employees can use these reloadable debit cards to make purchases, withdraw cash and pay bills. With the same immediate access that direct deposit affords, the cards are a good alternative, especially for employees who prefer not to use a bank account for their pay. Find out why pay cards are rising in popularity.

Not only will payless payroll options like these be more efficient for you during COVID-19 as you manage remote employees, but they’ll ultimately result in happier employees who are paid predictably and on time no matter where they’re working.

Employee Portals

With the number of remote workers right now, it’s a good time to make the shift from paper-based systems to portals that can allow employees to manage a number of tasks on their own, freeing up your HR and payroll staff during the crisis. A self-service portal can save labor hours and increase efficiency by allowing employees to complete functions like:

  • View online pay statements
  • Check detail history
  • Look up YTD earnings
  • Find out PTO balances
  • Update personal information

With these abilities available online or on mobile devices, this anywhere, anytime technology is particularly convenient and user friendly for employees working from home during the pandemic.

Time Tracking Applications

Collecting, managing and processing employee time is even more challenging when they’re off site. But even though staff are working remotely, workplaces can still track attendance and productivity effectively with applications that capture time in a home office as well as requests for time away.

  • Time and Attendance: Rather than relying on outdated time sheets, time and attendance platforms are a simple and accurate way to capture employees’ working time in any environment. The applications, which sync whether workers use a web browser, clock or mobile app, allow workers to log their start and stop times as well as when they go on break or to lunch. Learn more benefits of the technology for your organization.
  • PTO Requests: Depending on the technology, employees may also be able to request time off, making it simple to process. Once a worker submits a request, it’s automatically sent to a manager or supervisor for approval. Employees can also view their requests at any time and check the status.

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