Help Employees Maximize HSAs’ Value in Three Steps


Millions of Americans have HSAs. Here are three things you can do as an employer to help employees make the most of their HSAs.


Businesses Face Challenges and Benefits in Growing Gig Economy

Gig Economy

For businesses, the growing gig economy provides greater flexibility, lower labor costs, and immediate access to skilled workers. But there is also risk.


Reminder: New York State, City Anti-Sexual Harassment Requirements in Effect Soon

In an effort to curtail workplace sexual harassment, New York State and City have both passed expansive anti-sexual harassment legislation.


Alert: New MA Law Limits Scope of Non-competes


The new MA non-compete law will apply to any agreements executed on or after October 1, so now is the time to ensure your practices are in compliance.


Examples of Job Postings That Work

Person Writing Job Postings

A good job posting is critical in today’s competitive hiring environment. Here are some examples of how to create a job posting that works.


BankRI Partners With Complete Payroll Solutions for Payroll and HR Services

Complete Payroll Solutions

Bank Rhode Island has selected Complete Payroll Solutions to provide cost-effective payroll, compliance, and integrated human resource solutions for its business banking customers.


5 Tips to Avoid Costly Wage and Hour Mistakes

Wage and Hour Mistakes

In fiscal year 2017, the DOL collected more than $270 million in back wages. Here are five ways companies can minimize costly wage and hour mistakes.


Complete Payroll Solutions Opens North Shore Office, Adds Team Members

North Shore Payroll Office

As part of our constant effort to better serve our clients and the businesses of the Northeast, we recently opened a new office on the North Shore of MA.


10 “Must-Haves” for an Employee Handbook


Small to mid-sized companies shouldn’t ignore the importance of an employee handbook when it comes to staying compliant and reducing the risk of litigation.


How to Conduct an Interview: 4 Steps for Success

How to Conduct an Interview

Follow these tips for how to conduct an interview to reveal insights into what make candidates tick, so you’ll know if they’re a good fit for your business.



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