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2019 Payroll Checklist

by John Stebbins - December 17 2019

One of the best ways to start the New Year off right is to make sure everything’s in order for 2020. And one of the most crucial areas of your busines...


Exit Interviews: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

by John Stebbins - December 3 2019

Employees who leave your company—whether they resign or are discharged—often know a lot about your business and your workplace. A final sit-down with ...


HSA Myths and Facts

by John Stebbins - November 26 2019

HSAs are the most tax-advantaged health plans available, offering tax-deductible employee contributions, tax-free earnings, and tax-exempt distributio...


An Employee’s Final Paycheck and Other Separation Procedures

by John Stebbins - November 19 2019

More than 3.5 million Americans quit their jobs every month and, last year, US businesses laid off 21.9 million workers according to the Bureau of Lab...


Employer’s Guide to Fringe Benefits

by John Stebbins - November 12 2019

Despite their name, fringe benefits have become central to a competitive benefits program. But just what are they and what do you need to know to make...


Integrated Benefits: Better Together

by John Stebbins - October 29 2019

Most employers today offer comprehensive benefits packages, but often, the plans are from different insurers. These standalone products can result in ...


Combat Turnover by Investing in Your Workforce

by John Stebbins - October 22 2019

Turnover is expensive. And, frankly, it’s likely. In fact, each year, nearly 25% of the nation’s workforce undergoes some type of career transition. T...


Five Pet Perks to Consider for Your Workplace

by John Stebbins - October 15 2019

Today, sixty-seven percent of American households own at least one pet. Whether you’re trying to attract – or keep – animal-loving employees, especial...


Help Employees Recession-Proof Their Retirement

by John Stebbins - October 8 2019

If news reports are to be believed, a recession is looming. And whether workers are early in their careers or near retirement age, growing and protect...


5 Musts for Workplace Hurricane Prep

by John Stebbins - October 1 2019

It’s hurricane season on the East Coast, and the storms can have a big impact on companies and workers, both in and outside of the office. To minimize...

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