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Businesses Face Challenges and Benefits in Growing Gig Economy

by John Stebbins on Sep 14, 2018 1:52:47 PM

There’s a lot of talk about the gig economy these days. For businesses, the growing gig economy provides greater flexibility, lower labor costs, and immediate access to skilled workers. But there is also risk involved in taking on a large number of contract workers.

A poll by NPR/ Marist revealed that 20 percent of jobs in this country are held by contract workers. That number is only expected to rise over the next decade.

Karyn Rhodes, VP and Director of Complete HR Solutions, a division of Complete Payroll Solutions, wrote about how businesses can benefit from the gig economy for the August edition of Cape and Plymouth Business magazine.

“While an alternative work arrangement gives companies access to talented professionals they may not have been able to afford previously, it is important to be clear about how you plan to use the workers for projects,” Rhodes writes.

She also cautions businesses to pay attention to legislative trends that may impact worker relationships, particularly related to benefits.

Read the article at Cape and Plymouth Business or get in touch with Rhodes and her team at 401.332.9325.

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