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Integrated Payroll Software for Small Businesses

by John Stebbins on Feb 25, 2020 1:05:34 PM

If you’re a small business and still using siloed systems for workforce management, it may be time to extend the power of your payroll software. The key? Integrating HR solutions, benefits and compliance activities into one umbrella payroll platform. With a single system, you’ll improve the user experience for you and your employees. Here’s how.

Greater Efficiency

With an integrated payroll software system, your Human Resources staff won’t have to manage payroll manually, transfer data among systems, and move between solutions to maintain employee information. With one employee record that flows through the various modules automatically, you’ll free up staff. As a result, they’ll be able to play more valuable roles in your organization.

Reduced Errors

Tripped up by scattered information or misplaced paperwork? With a single central spot for all data, an automated workflow will update information across payroll, benefits, and Human Resources when an employee onboards, leaves or changes jobs. So, you’ll reduce the chance of inconsistencies. Similarly, eliminating paper-based, disconnected systems means more accurate forms like W-2s and 1099s.

More Engaged Employees

From recruitment through onboarding and beyond, employees gain advantages from an integrated payroll software system as well. With a single system, workers can access all their data from pay to benefits in one place. Similarly, they can complete self-service activities like enrollment and updating personal information through just one interface. As a result, you’ll streamline the process for them and reduce frustration.

Improved ROI

A single system is more cost effective for small businesses than purchasing and maintaining multiple solutions. For example, you’ll save on servers and other IT infrastructure. Plus, your payroll software provider is responsible for maintaining updates. That way, you’ll eliminate staff disruptions and downtime in your workplace. In addition, your data will be more secure than paper records allow, reducing the risk of a costly breach.

Continued Compliance

By combining employee data into one solution, you’ll have better reporting for both internal decision making and for government agencies. But that’s not all. Integrated payroll software also makes ACA compliance easier for small businesses with accurate and up-to-date headcounts. Likewise, meeting FMLA requirements is more manageable by cutting the risk of improper timekeeping or other paperwork.

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