When Outsourcing HR Makes Sense

When HR Outsourcing Makes Sense

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about outsourcing HR. We’re going to break down why outsourcing HR might make sense for your company.


Updated Withholding Calculator, Form W-4 Released: It’s Time for a Paycheck Checkup

Form W-4 2018

The IRS has released an updated online Withholding Calculator and a new version of Form W-4. Here’s why that’s important and what it means for you.


Attention MA Employers: EMAC Changes = Increased Fees

EMAC Changes

In August 2017, an Act Further Regulating Employer Contributions to Health Care was signed into law, temporarily changing the existing employer medical assistance contribution and creating a temporary supplemental contribution, among other things. The final regulations implementing the law were just released by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA), and could financially impact your organization.


How the Right HR Software Can Improve Employee Onboarding

HR Software

Employee onboarding doesn’t have to be the blizzard of paperwork you’re accustomed to. With the right HR software, it can be easy, organized, and simple.


Hiring Trends 2018: Video, Community, and Building an Employer Brand

Hiring Trends 2018

Hiring the best talent is a constant struggle for businesses of all sizes, and keeping up on the latest trends is an important part of staying competitive.


New Civil Monetary Penalties in 2018 from the Department of Labor

DOL Labor Law Penalties

The Department of Labor (DOL) increased the civil monetary penalties assessed for violations of a number of federal labor laws on Jan. 2, 2018.


Effective Engagement Starts With Successful Employee Onboarding

Successful Employee Onboarding

Effective employee onboarding and orientation is directly linked to higher levels of productivity, quality performance, and job satisfaction.


Live Webinar: Harassment Prevention Training for Managers & Supervisors

Join our live webinar

This webinar covers basic requirements and best practices on identifying, preventing, and investigating the many forms of harassment — Friday, January 19.


5 Steps to Stop Sexual Harassment Before It Starts

Stop Sexual Harassment

It’s essential that businesses of all sizes take steps to prevent and address sexual harassment. Here are 5 steps you can take.


Join Our Free, Live Webinar on Form I-9 and Keys to Compliance – September 14th

Fall is fast approaching and new IRS deadlines are upon us… You’re invited to join Complete Payroll Solutions for a FREE, LIVE webinar,…



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