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2023 Minimum Wage: An Employer’s Guide to Fair Payment of Employees

by Michael Pettengill - November 17 2022

Did you know that in addition to the federal minimum wage, all but 5 states have their own laws that govern what you need to pay workers? With differe...


Power Of Attorney for Payroll: An Employer’s Guide To POA

by Brian Long - September 21 2021

If you decide to outsource payroll to increase your accuracy and efficiency, one of the ways you can gain even more benefits from your partnership is ...


SOC 1 Audits: Benefits Of Working With A Compliant Payroll Company

by John Pettengill - September 2 2021

If you’re looking to partner with an outsourced payroll provider, there are countless vendors you can choose from. While we’ve previously written abou...


Paylocity Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions: A Side-by-Side Look

by Brian Long - June 29 2021

Once you’ve decided to move away from traditional, manual systems for managing your workforce towards automated solutions that will free up your time ...


Payroll Company Comparison: SurePayroll Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

by Brian Roy - June 3 2021

If you’ve decided to outsource payroll for greater accuracy and efficiencies, you’ll quickly see that there are a lot of providers available to help. ...


Phishing Emails: Protecting Your Payroll Against Cybercrime

by Anthony Frye - March 30 2021

The number of phishing attacks – those that use disguised emails to lure recipients into revealing information or clicking a malicious link – continue...


Understanding Form W-4: A Guide To Compliance For Employers

by David Polaski - January 21 2021

When you’re hiring, the amount of paperwork you have to keep track of can be overwhelming. Even if new employees are responsible for completing the ne...


What’s The Cost Of Unemployment Insurance To The Employer?

by Sherri Dimmock - January 19 2021

If you’re like most businesses, you’re paying into the unemployment insurance program. With unemployment rates higher than ever during COVID-19, these...


Cyber Risk Rising During COVID-19

by John Stebbins - June 30 2020

Amid all of the obvious concerns businesses are facing during COVID-19, a more subtle threat is lurking: cyber risk.


Emerging Payroll Methods May Put an End to the Paper Check

by John Stebbins - September 3 2019

This week is National Payroll Week, and the annual event marks a perfect time to look at the latest trends in paychecks so you can make sure you’re of...


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