Cut Tension with Open Enrollment Technology

Open enrollment season is just around the corner. And it’s probably no surprise that many employees feel tense during this time. In fact, one study said 21 percent of workers are stressed when selecting benefits and 20 percent feel anxious.

To alleviate the pain of this annual event, communication is key. From questions about their contributions to out-of-pocket expenses, it’s essential to clarify details so employees can understand their options and pick the right plan for their needs and budget.

While traditional outreach can be valuable, many companies are making things even easier on workers through the use of open enrollment technology. Here are some ways it can help.

  • Personalized Messages: You can create specific messages for employees so that they know exactly what they need to review and acknowledge to complete the process when they sign onto the system.
  • Cost Analysis: The systems enable employees to compare expenses between plan options, taking the guesswork out of their potential spending for the year.
  • Reminder Alerts: To ensure employees meet strict deadlines, you can schedule email alerts that prompt workers to complete necessary steps for their benefits enrollment.
  • Centralized Documents: The platforms allow you to keep all messages and materials in one consolidated place, making it simpler to find and reference needed documents for everything from health plans to voluntary options.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Employee self-service options allow workers to go directly where they need to in the system and complete necessary actions, saving them time and reducing frustration.

With automated systems, you’ll not only ease the burden on your HR staff during the all-important open enrollment process but enable better decision making when workers need it the most.

Complete Payroll Solutions’ technology provides an improved benefit enrollment process to drive satisfaction engagement – and lower tension. To learn about our solution, contact us at 877.253.9020 or for more on how to streamline benefits enrollment, click here.


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