Five Pet Perks to Consider for Your Workplace


Today, sixty-seven percent of American households own at least one pet. Whether you’re trying to attract – or keep – animal-loving employees, especially millennials, the primary pet-owning demographic, one increasingly popular approach is to offer pet perks in the workplace.

By showing you care about employees and what matters most to them, you’ll boost morale, engagement, and loyalty. In fact, one survey showed that 90% of those with pet-friendly workplaces were highly bonded with their employer. If you’re thinking about adding pet perks to your offerings, here are some popular choices to consider.

  • Pet Insurance: According to the SHRM 2019 Employee Benefits Survey, 15% of employers now offer discounted pet insurance to help workers cover the cost of pet medical care. These voluntary benefit plans can cover everything from annual exams and teeth cleaning to illnesses and emergency care.
  • Discounts on Pet Supplies: From food and treats to toys and gear, the cost of pet supplies can quickly add up. To offset the expenses, some companies provide employees a discount on pet goods and even services like grooming.
  • Pet-Friendly Offices: Both small shops and big companies like Amazon, where as many as 7,000 dogs share the workspaces at its Seattle headquarters, are increasingly allowing employees to bring pets into the office. Some even go a step further and carve out dedicated outdoor spaces just for dogs. Just be aware of any allergies that could cause problems among coworkers and make sure all dogs are vaccinated.
  • New Pet Leave: Furternity or pawternity, whatever you call it, many companies allow employees to take paid time off when they get a new pet or to work remotely to help their new family member adapt to their surroundings.
  • Pet Bereavement: Many employees consider their pet to be a family member. Since the loss of a pet can be devastating, some companies offer paid bereavement leave to give workers the time and space to grieve.

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