Integrated Benefits: Better Together


Most employers today offer comprehensive benefits packages, but often, the plans are from different insurers. These standalone products can result in a disjointed approach to an employee’s healthcare, hurting both your workers and your bottom line. How?

When a worker’s health history is not shared among all their healthcare providers, it can lead to greater – and often duplicative – utilization, treatment delays, and worse outcomes, which can all drive up healthcare costs. What’s more, by negatively impacting employee health, their attendance, productivity, and morale in the workplace can be affected as well.

To address the gaps in information sharing, employers are increasingly offering integrated benefits. In a recent Anthem study, seventy-one percent of employers with 100 or more employees said they’re either actively integrating or considering integrating their medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits.

These packaged benefits provide a more holistic view of an employee’s health for everyone involved rather than relying on employees to self-report important information to each provider they see. By connecting benefits, most often with a single insurance company, each time an employee visits a health professional, all their other providers will be able to see the records. That way, providers can better identify potential issues early on, co-manage conditions, and coordinate care and treatment.

Take, for example, a patient who is on a medication for a health condition that causes gum swelling or overgrowth as a side effect. At the dentist, that same employee shows signs of gingival hyperplasia. The dentist can look in the patient’s history and identify the medication as the potential cause and flag the issue for the prescriber to see if alternate doses or administration methods may be available before it gets worse.

With a complete picture, integrated benefits translates into healthier employees. But that’s not all. The single system makes it faster and more convenient for workers to access services, leading to happier workers as well.

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