Overpaying Employees: What You Can Do As An Employer

Accidentally overpaying employees is more common than you may think. Whether you’ve inadvertently overpaid an employee when hiring or promoting them…


A W-2 Guide For Employers: Facts, Figures, & Filing Deadlines

Let’s face it: tax season can be overwhelming, with hundreds of IRS forms to navigate through. And one of those is…


Reading A Paystub: Wages, Withholdings, & More

Business owner frustrated while reading a paystub

If you are handling HR tasks, that means you’re the go-to person in the company for employee questions about the workplace….


Understanding Form W-4: A Guide To Compliance For Employers

Photo of coffee and tax forms - form w-4

When you’re hiring, the amount of paperwork you have to keep track of can be overwhelming. Even if new employees are…


FMLA Compliance For Employers: A Guide To The Family And Medical Leave Act

FMLA Compliance

As a business owner, navigating Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave can be confusing, and if you don’t get it right,…


Unemployment Eligibility In 2021: The Employers Guide

Unemployment Eligibility

With unemployment during the pandemic the highest it’s been since data collection started in 1948, if you’re like many employers, your…



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