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Accurate, Do-it-From-Anywhere Time & Attendance Made Easy

Stop Switching Between Systems

Stop Switching Between Systems

No more manual timecards. No more wasting time chasing timesheets. Employees can clock in and out anytime, anywhere, and managers gain instant access to employee information in one easy-to-use system, no wasted time.
Prevent Time Theft

Prevent Time Theft

Eliminate inaccuracies (intentional or unintentional) in recorded time with accurate automated solutions, including biometric validation. Pair that with additional assistance of your people in time and attendance and your hours will be buttoned up in no time.
Get Efficient. Save Money.

Get Efficient. Save Money.

Inefficient processes and time recording are like holes in your business’s bucket. Stop leaks before they start with easy to use reporting and data analytics.
Keep Up with Compliance

Keep Up with Compliance

Get personal, experienced help understanding wage and hour laws from a live expert, whenever you need us. Really.
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Employees Track Time You Review and Verify Together, We Run Payroll

How it Works

Work Hard. Track Accurately.

Getting a precise process for handling the daily tasks associated with time and attendance is easy with the help of your people at CPS.

Employees Track Time

No matter where your employees are, we’ll create a time recording solution right for them. Choose from physical, online, mobile, or a combination of these various types of clocks. Whatever works best for your staff.

You Review and Verify

No more tedious recording, review and correction processes. CPS’ solutions are secure, cloud-based, and require minimal maintenance. They’re also accurate and incredibly intuitive.

Together, We Run Payroll

CPS’ time and attendance solutions are integrated with our payroll and HR modules, giving you a simple, single system of record; all your employee information in one place, accurate and always available.

Spend Some Time With Your Partner In Time & Attendance

Time tracking and attendance management is one of the most important, time consuming, and maddingly persistent tasks of running a business. Our solutions  manage the hard stuff so you can get back to work as usual.

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The Modern Way to Track

Get off paper and onto the cloud with a combination of easy-to-use technology from clocks to mobile apps that integrate with our payroll and HR solutions (and make accounting for every moment easy).

Safe & Compliant

Wage and hour laws are the rule of the land. Your experienced time and attendance people at CPS help you stay abreast of changes and ahead of issues that could result in penalties and fines for your business.

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Track Your Way

We don’t do out-of-the-box time and attendance solutions. You’ll work with our implementation specialists to configure a solution that syncs with your company’s specific policies and needs.

Report With Added Insight

Make better decisions with better reporting tools that tell you more about your workforce so you can meet your organizational goals faster.

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Seamless Scheduling

Manage day-to-day scheduling plus accrual, PTO, sick time and more by integrating time and attendance with our scheduling solutions.

Features and Perks

Make Every Minute Count

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  • The Most Advanced Time & Attendance Anywhere

    From state-of-the-art physical, online, and mobile clocks with geofencing capabilities, to the ability to view and manage time cards, access real-time data and more, anywhere you and your employees are, CPS makes the task of time and attendance easier.
  • Compliance

    Keep meticulous records of time off, meal breaks and overtime for accurate FLSA reporting, organize attestation and produce audit-ready documentation with help from your people in time and attendance.
  • Single-System Efficiency

    We’ll help you build the custom solution right for your business, incorporating your policies, rules and roles, then pull it all together into a single go-to solution that eliminates time lost to moving or translating information between systems.
  • Reporting

    Get organized and accurate with help from a library of ready-to-run and ad hoc reports, system generated alerts and an intuitive dashboard designed to help you quickly see at a glance where (and how) your workers are performing so you can learn and improve efficiency.

Your Personal Time & Attendance Library

Read Up, Learn More, Do Better

How Much Will A Time And Attendance System Cost? Pricing For Employers

How Much Will A Time And Attendance System Cost? Pricing For Employers

If you’re like most employers, you’ve experienced some frustration when accounting for the number of hours worked by your staff.
Time And Attendance With CPS: What Are Our Offerings?

Time And Attendance With CPS: What Are Our Offerings?

If you’ve decided to implement a time and attendance system to better manage employees, minimize errors, and save time and money, you have a lot of choices today.
What Are The FLSA Overtime Rules? How Employers Can Stay In Compliance

What Are The FLSA Overtime Rules? How Employers Can Stay In Compliance

In recent years, the number of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) claims filed for alleged violations has been on the rise, with a record $322 million in wages owed workers recovered in 2019.

We Are Better Together

A Few Words About Our People


Is time and attendance expensive?

Probably less than you think. Basic monthly costs per employee typically range between $3 and $5 a month (online and mobile access is included in this price). Very often the savings produced through the accuracy and efficiency of the solutions help to offset or even negate the investment costs. We’d love to do the math for you. Reach out to our people today!

What additional costs can I expect?

Beyond the basic service cost mentioned above, you can build a more personalized package by adding additional services like: time cards, fobs, clocks, advanced scheduling and geofencing. Every additional service adds around $1 and $3 an employee. In addition, you may incur an implementation fee to set up your account, one-time costs for physical clocks and extended warranties (if you’re adding any), and from there, the possibilities are both pretty vast and entirely up to you. Talk with one of our people today about what’s possible.

Can I use multiple devices within my company to record time?

Absolutely. Many companies use a combination of physical clocks, online and mobile tools to record time. We’ll help you decide what’s right for your employees.

Do I have to purchase my time clock?

No, physical time clocks are available for lease as well as purchase. Online and mobile-based clocks, which are often included in your per employee per month charges, may eliminate the need for physical clocks.

Will my time and attendance system communicate with my payroll system?

It can; and we recommend it – because it saves you money and time and boosts accuracy. Our time and attendance system can be used on its own or as part of a complete solution with everything you’ll need to manage employees and run payroll. It’s powerful: a 360-degree view of all your workforce data from one login.  

Partner with CPS

Say Hello to Your  People in Time & Attendance

One system, so many possibilities.
Integrate CPS’ time and attendance solutions with our payroll and/or HR modules, and you’ll get a single source of truth for all employee information. We can’t think of a smarter way to save time and effort.

Custom and curated.
No two businesses are alike, so their business solutions shouldn’t be either. We have the best systems available and customize everything just for you.

Big on experience, not price.
Personalized can be lower in price. Working with CPS generally costs less and gets you higher quality, customized time and attendance solutions than the alternatives.

Just pick up the phone. (We answer.)
As your people in time and attendance, we are there when you need us, with on-time deliverables, top-tier support, help with configuration...whatever you need. A conversation with a real person is only a call or email away.

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