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Employee Engagement 101

Creating Conversations, Culture and Camaraderie

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Employee culture

Build a Culture They’ll Come to Work For

Cultivate connection, collaboration and healthy feedback to give employees a voice in their workplace, and you’ll foster a strong sense of culture as well.
Boost performance

Boost Performance

Engaged employees work harder, are happier, and come ready to rock their job descriptions. The best part is, it’s contagious: satisfied employees pass their joy along to your customers.
Reduce turnover

Reduce Turnover

Save time and money on finding and hiring new employees by creating a workplace culture that actively works for you to recruit and retain great workers.
Increase profits

Increase Profits

Turn up the volume on your employees’ dedication and you can crank up the dial on overall productivity and profit as well.

How it Works

Cared For, From Day One

Cultivating a strong company culture begins on hiring day by giving employees ownership, connection, and ways to raise their hands and voices. It’s easy with the help of your people in employee engagement.


All Aboard!

Use your onboarding process as a super-functional icebreaker, priming employees with info on company policy and readying them to share and start conversations with co-workers.


Communicate Clear Goals

Set goals and track performance easily and ensure everyone stays on point and on task.


Collaborate and Learn

Use our intuitive portal to encourage group conversations or present solo learning experiences with the system’s learning management system (LMS).


Review and Reward

Recognize your employees’ hard work with organized performance reviews, co-employee recognition, and reward options made simple and quick to implement.

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Strengthen Your Team. We’ll Help.

Employee engagement shouldn’t be a drag; it should be a delight – an opportunity to build a company culture your employees, and you, want to take part in every day. We get to know your business and provide you with the resources to help manage the administration so you can get back to business as usual.

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Start Strong & Sync Often

Ensure your employees are in the loop for important information with the ability to quickly make announcements, update company policies  and share events via one easy-to-access system.

Nurture Your Team

Set goals, track performance and conduct standard and 360-degree reviews, all integrated into one system to save time, boost consistency, and ensure equity.

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Offer Educational Opportunities

Empower your employees to grow their personal and on-the-job skills with the help of our learning management system.

Celebrate all the Wins

Let our system help everyone recognize each other’s great performance and important milestones, so opportunities to offer praise and boost morale don’t pass you by.

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Features and Perks

You Build Your Business. We’ll Help Build it a Fanbase.

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  • Individual & Group Surveys

    Send surveys out to individuals, groups or teams by function. Get valuable feedback in return.
  • Interactive Org Charts

    Easy-to-understand organizational charts help employees understand your company’s structure and who’s who within it.
  • Employee Portal/Internet

    Offer a central online location for employees to start their day, stay in the loop, connect with one another and receive praise.
  • Collaboration Capabilities

    Digital feed walls keep teams aligned across functions and spark collaboration across locations, and allow staff to recognize each other’s efforts.
  • Rewards & Recognition

    Don’t wait for the annual performance review; reward and praise employees directly and more often within the employee engagement platform.
  • Goal Setting & Monitoring

    Determine targets, discuss outcomes and share progress in real-time.
  • Personalized Dashboards

    Give your employees the most important information when and where they’ll best encounter it - anytime, on any device.
  • Performance Reviews

    Monitor, mentor and report with customizable processes and review templates.
  • Corporate Charitable Giving

    Give employees visibility into the causes you support and chances to participate and give back.
  • Customized Content

    Upload your own or use our versatile content to meet your organization’s knowledge needs.
  • Reporting & Reports Dashboards

    Access reports and dashboards quickly and easily, with a view of your whole organization in just a few clicks.
  • Compensation Management

    Design your own program to help ensure that your organization’s compensation models are competitive, objective, and equitable.
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

    Gamify learning, configure your own pathways, reward employees as they learn and draw from a library of 150+ pre-built courses and/or specific materials supplied by you.

Your Personal Employee Engagement Library

Read Up, Learn More, Do Better

Employee Engagement Software: Considerations Before Choosing This Technology

Employee Engagement Software: Considerations Before Choosing This Technology

To help improve workers’ experience in a tight labor market, many companies are implementing employee engagement software. That’s because a highly engaged workforce can reduce a company’s turnover rate by up to 59%.

Employee Engagement Offerings At Complete Payroll Solutions

To improve the employee experience, many employee engagement softwares are available on the market that can help you boost cultural alignment, morale, and satisfaction. As you investigate your options for engagement software, you may be wondering what Complete Payroll Solutions offers to improve the employee experience, let's find out!
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The Top 7 Employee Engagement Strategies To Help Boost Your Workforce

Since low levels of engagement can impact morale, performance, and retention, you may be looking to implement employee engagement strategies that can drive a productive and positive work environment. Find out what opportunities exist to better engage your employees.

We Are Better Together

A Few Words About Our People


What does Employee Engagement with CPS Cost?

It depends on your business and how you’d like to customize our platform, but generally, the employee engagement module costs between $4 and $8 per employee, per month. When paired with payroll, HR, and benefits, further savings can be realized.

Can my Employee Engagement software integrate with other platforms?

Yes. However, CPS’ Employee Engagement solutions work best (and provide maximum value) when used as part of a complete payroll, time and attendance and HR system, where every employee record can be shared across functions.

How should I choose the right Employee Engagement software for my business?

It’s totally personal, but our experts will be there to help guide you. If you’d like to study up, however, here’s an article that answers a lot of common questions.

Partner with CPS

Say Hello to Your People in Employee Engagement

Uniquely Employee-Focused
CPS is uniquely people-focused, so it’s no surprise that we’re one of only a few payroll and human resources companies that offer multiple software solutions that allow our clients to be focused on their employee engagement.

Custom and Curated
No two businesses are alike, so their employee engagement solutions shouldn’t be either. We have the best systems available and then customize everything just for you.

One Simple Platform
Don’t waste time pulling together multiple systems for HR, payroll, benefits and more. Our people and our systems are all about simplicity and ease of use: one platform, one login, one hand to shake.

Big on Experience, Not Price
Personalized can be lower in price. Working with CPS generally costs less and gets you higher quality, customized employee engagement solutions than the alternatives.

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