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Keep up with Compliance

Keep up with Compliance

Get personal, experienced help understanding regulatory changes and government mandates from a live expert, whenever you need us. Really.
Get Your Legal Ducks in a Row

Get Your Legal Ducks in a Row

Stay in the good graces of all the acronyms, from OSHA to the EEOC, OFCCP to DOL. Expert HR consulting with CPS saves companies from fines, lawsuits and litigation.
Save Money, Stress Less

Save Money, Stress Less

Having an internal HR department isn’t always optimal. Having industry veterans there when you need them, for just what you need at a price that you can afford? That’s invaluable.
Train With Confidence

Train With Confidence

Training is important, but you’ve got a business to run. Get help nurturing your employees with entry-level to leadership and management training.
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Meet Your Senior HR Team Compliance? Check. Set the Strategy and Press Go Keep in Touch

How it Works

Risk, handled. People, managed.

Taking care of the logistics and legalities of managing people is easy with the help of your people in HR.

Meet Your Senior HR Team

Experience comes with perks. Like efficiency. Proactivity. And solving the right problems (the first time). The CPS experience comes with all this and expert, personal guidance.

Compliance? Check.

Get a personalized check of your business’s compliance health plus custom action plans, forms, labor law posters, documents and more.

Set the Strategy and Press Go

Ready for someone to ask the right questions and craft the right plan just for your business? We are too. Let’s get started.

Keep in Touch

From quarterly check-ins and an HR Hotline to consulting and training over the course of the year, our people are here to support your people as your business grows and changes.

Putting the Human Back in HR Consulting

HR shouldn’t be a drain on your resources; it should be a multiplier of your success. We get to know your business and manage the hard stuff so you can get back to business as usual.

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Expert, Personal Guidance

Have the ear (and the experience attached to it) of an expert HR Business Partner for advice and assistance with the complexities of day-to-day human resources.

There When You Need Us

Our experts meet your business where it is, learning your needs and offering specialized feedback and one-on-one help whenever you need it.

Friendly professional in a conference room
Coworkers reviewing a project together at a table

Engaged and Involved

Improve employee culture and boost engagement with help from an HR expert dedicated to learning about your staff and structure.

Ready to Train

Educate your masses (or your small group) with live and online training with more than 500 topics to choose from.

Office worker leading a team meeting
Corporate employees applauding an announcement

One Hand to Shake

Internal HR can’t always do it all. From audits to operations, recruiting to safety, your people in HR at CPS have you covered. 

Features and Perks

Let us Handle the Details

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  • Management & Employee Training

    Build a custom employee training program for staff and management with more than 500 training topics available.
  • Recruiting & Hiring

    Hiring is hard. Let us help with finding a candidate that’s the right fit, from creating custom job postings to sourcing and interviewing candidates, conducting reference checks and even onboarding.
  • Benefits Analysis

    Do your best due diligence without doing much of anything yourself with accurate salary benchmarking, total rewards statement and complete benefit summaries from your HR people at CPS.
  • Audits

    Get organized and accurate: let us review your HR compliance processes, including the FLSA, I9s, and all manner of employee records.
  • Operations

    You run your business. We’ll run in the background, performing all the important but time-consuming complex HR tasks from discipline and termination to employee handbooks, employee surveys, job description creation and general HR/management alignment.
  • Safety

    Be ready for the unexpected with CPS Safety Trainers, our expert safety training program as well as mock OSHA audits and more. We’re there for all your safety needs.
  • Affirmative Action Plans

    Required for many federal contractors and subcontractors, we are your solution to compliance with the OFCCP by offering position analysis, demographics and other programs designed to increase diversity.

Your Personal HR Library

Read Up, Learn More, Do Better

Outsourced Safety Management Preview

5 Reasons To Outsource Safety Management (+Tips For Picking A Partner)

No matter what type of workplace you operate, there may be risks that can jeopardize your workers – and your company’s – future. To effectively manage these, a comprehensive approach to safety management is essential.
Choosing An Outsource HR Company: 7 Considerations

Choosing An Outsource HR Company: 7 Considerations

If you’ve decided to work with an outsourced HR provider to help ease your burden and keep you in compliance, it’s essential to find the right partner.
Employee Handbooks: The 10

Employee Handbooks: The 10 "Must Haves" For Your Company

According to the Department of Labor, if you don’t communicate your policies to employees, they effectively don’t exist which can be a risk to you and your business.

We Are Better Together

A Few Words About Our People


What is HR?

To sum up what is a complex and multifaceted job title and/or set of responsibilities, HR covers all things relating to the employee lifecycle of staff at a company, and generally serves as a vital link between an organization’s management and employees.

What is HR Outsourcing?

HR outsourcing means contracting a company or individual to manage your business’s HR duties without being in-house or permanently on your payroll. If your business is on the smaller side, say with less than 50 employees, and you only need HR assistance periodically, paying a full-time employee’s salary and benefits may not be the most cost-effective option. So, companies outsource! A good number of them to us, at CPS. 

Why should I outsource my HR?

There are number of reasons that you might consider outsourcing HR rather than hiring someone internal to do the work. The biggest ones however have to do with cost and focus. If your business is small or doesn’t need HR tasks completed very often, the cost of a salary and benefits for an extra person on staff just might not make sense. We’d recommend outsourcing, because HR tasks are intensive and often require precision and consistency, as in compliance issues, hiring and firing protocol and audits. Getting just the help you need when you need it from a seasoned professional also costs a fraction of hiring one full-time. Want more reasons? Check out this helpful blog on the subject, and then make a more informed decision.

Do you have HR technology (HRIS)?

We do! Consulting and technology just work better together, so CPS works with our clients to select the right HRIS solutions based on their needs and goals. We have options to fit all company sizes and budgets, too. Read more about the cost of implementing an HRIS here.

Do I need HR technology (HRIS)?

It’s a business-by-business decision. Are you growing and finding it harder to keep up with all the tasks and paperwork attached to HR? Is your in-house HR department overburdened? Do you love a super-efficient software solution? If you answered yes, an HRIS might be a great choice for you, as it can save you time and money, and lets you toss paper documents in the trash for good. There are a lot of options, however. Contact your people in HR at CPS to talk through what’s right for you, and read more here to learn about some of the options.

Can I hire you just for HR consulting services?

You definitely can. CPS offers a whole host of different engagement types for HR from basic to advanced.  Read more in this blog piece, or check out the details on our site.

Partner with CPS

Say Hello to Your People in HR

Custom and curated.
No two businesses are alike, so their business solutions shouldn’t be either. We create or collect the best, then customize everything just for you.

Big on experience, not price.
Personalized can be lower in price. Working with CPS generally costs less and gets you higher quality, customized HR solutions than the alternatives.

Experts, all the way.
Startup HR services might feel fresh and modern, but nothing beats decades of experience. Our team is made up of senior HR pros with the info and insight to guide you toward success.

Just pick up the phone. (We answer.)
As your people in HR, we are there when you need us, with on-time deliverables, advice at crucial moments, or just general support. A conversation with a real person is only a call or email away.

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