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CPS is Your People Partner

Workforce Recruiting, Management and Engagement Made Easy


Find the Right People, Faster

It’s not about luck: great processes helps businesses find great employees. Organize your hiring process and attract better candidates with our help.
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Onboard and Engage Employees

From user-friendly employee onboarding options to hands-on engagement programs that bring teams together, CPS is your people, all the way.
Document in the cloud

Don’t Sweat the Documentation

All your forms – and theirs – signed, organized and available online.
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Manage Employee Data Like a Boss

Our HRIS makes managing, reporting and analyzing info easy with a form creator, ACA and EEO-1 reporting, and automatic updates.
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How it Works

Build Your Best Team and Run Your Business

Finding, onboarding, and nurturing employees is simpler and less stressful with the help of your people in talent management and some great, customizable technology.


Crack the Recruiting Code

Write better job postings and organize communication with recruits to both attract and hire the best candidates.


Start New Hires Right

Make onboarding easier on new employees (and on you) with paperless forms and seamless workflows that guide candidates through the new-hire process quickly and intuitively.


Cultivate Your Team Every Day

Use customizable, cloud-based performance review, succession and goal planning, and continuing education templates to help employees grow and teams organize goals and work more effectively toward them.


Ease Employee Transition

Transfer knowledge, collect assets, and close the books successfully when employees exit with organized offboarding that smooths the process for everyone.

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CPS is the Complete Package

Talent management and HR shouldn’t keep you so busy that you can’t effectively engage with your employees day to day. A great HRIS system combined with personalized consulting can help you manage every season of your staff’s time with you easily and compliantly.

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Automate time-consuming recruiting tasks from applicant and interview tracking to background screening, and give candidates control of their experience with self-service tools.


Paperless, easy, quick, and customized just for your business, onboarding technology with CPS helps employees get settled and down to business faster.

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Great workplaces are long-term, everyday investments in the employee experience. From HR consulting and collaboration tools to compliance help, CPS is with you every step of the way as you build the team – and workplace culture – of your dreams.


We tend to remember our final experience with a person, place, or thing. Say farewell in an organized, compliant, and human way with help from your HR people at CPS.

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Technology and consulting are better together. Get the help of a real person alongside the industry’s best tech with tailored HR Consulting.

Features and Perks

Hire Smart. Retain Brilliantly.

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  • Applicant Portal

    Online, self-serve, and easy to navigate from both sides of the hiring desk.
  • Automated job board posting

    One click posts your position to hundreds of job boards.
  • Automated system notifications

    Get all the details on your hiring efforts from anywhere, anytime.
  • Resume and LinkedIn Scanning

    Vet potential hires and narrow the pool without deep-reading tons of documents.
  • Keyword search

    Zero in on applicants with the highest qualifications quickly.
  • Background checks and employee verification

    Screen employees easily and gain instant confidence in your potential hiring pool.


  • Asset Management

    Efficiently keep track of company assets and technology assigned to employees for reference as they transition in and out of your company.
  • COBRA & Benefit Continuation

    Get expert help understanding, calculating, and explaining post-employment benefits for exiting staff.
  • Compliance & Final Documentation

    From calculating final paychecks to managing unemployment eligibility and equipment return, handle more sensitive paperwork and exit processes with less hassle (and worry).


  • Onboarding Checklists and Wizards

    Improve attention and recall with engaging checklists and wizards.
  • Automated Forms

    No exhausting email chains. Employees enter their info, and the details are saved to important documents, like the W-4 and I-9, and organized automatically.
  • Electronic Signature Capacity

    Commit to going paperless everywhere, including during the signing process.
  • Paperless Benefits Enrollment

    Easy open enrollment benefits selection, no paper forms required.
  • Self-Serve Onboarding

    Let employees move at their own speed and dramatically reduce time spent on follow-ups with self-serve onboarding software.


  • Training & Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    Level up and enrich employees’ experience with e-learning that’s company-specific, self-paced and trackable.
  • Performance Reviews

    Help hires set (and meet) goals, identify rising stars, and cultivate motivated, invested employees.
  • Resource Planning

    Ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time (with less effort on your part).
  • Employee Engagement

    Engaged employees are happy employees. Get the tools and resources you need to connect more deeply with yours.

Your Personal Talent Management and HRIS Solution Library

Read Up, Learn More, Do Better

What To Consider When Choosing An HRIS For Your Business

What To Consider When Choosing An HRIS For Your Business

As you grow, it can be time consuming and challenging to handle all the HR tasks associated with managing your workforce. One of the best ways to alleviate your burden and boost efficiency is with an HRIS system.
What HRIS Solutions Does Complete Payroll Solutions Offer?

What HRIS Solutions Does Complete Payroll Solutions Offer?

If you’ve decided to consider an HRIS system to help reduce your administrative burden as your company grows, there are a lot of options on the market today.
What Does An HRIS Cost? An Employer's Guide To Pricing & Savings

What Does An HRIS Cost? An Employer's Guide To Pricing & Savings

As your company grows, you’ll likely find that you’re spending more and more of your day on HR administrative tasks and less time on more strategic work. If this is the case, you may want to consider an HRIS system.

We Are Better Together

A Few Words About Our People


Why should I choose CPS?

CPS is your people partner, here to make the business of running, maintaining, and growing your business easier. When you work with us, you work with a real person – a dedicated payroll services, HR, talent management and benefits insider there to make any solution, tool, or tip we have work just right for your business.

Do CPS’s HRIS integrate with payroll?

They do. Our payroll tools are cloud-based, secure, and better (easier, faster, and more powerful) when part of an integrated solution where a single employee record can be shared across payroll, time and attendance, and HR. As a result, most of our payroll packages include at least basic HRIS features.

Do you have HR consulting or advisory services?

We do! One of the best things we do at CPS is connect businesses with our experts so that they can create personalized plans and solve problems together. So, whether you need proactive HR guidance for compliance, a customized handbook, or simply well-informed advice on the difficult, rewarding, and sometimes complicated task of managing people, we’re your people in HR Just reach out.

Can CPS help me with more than talent management and HRIS?

You bet we can. We help businesses big and small with just about every task surrounding hiring and managing people, from payroll to benefits consulting, human resources, time and attendance and employee engagement.

Partner with CPS

Say Hello to Your People in Talent Management

Zero contracts. All the collaboration.
It’s so easy to work with us; all it takes is a conversation. After that, we’ll just keep talking, helping you every step of the way.

One hand to shake.
Seamlessly, automatically transfer data from recruiting into your team database. Post jobs, interview, hire, train, onboard, and offboard with just one partner. We’re your people…and we do it all.

Reporting & Analytics
Don’t just collect data; gain insight that can help you keep your finger on the pulse of company culture and employee satisfaction.

Custom and curated.
No two businesses are alike, so their business solutions shouldn’t be. We offer the best software options out there, then customize them just for you.

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