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Employee benefits

Choose Wisely

There’s lots of choice when it comes to benefit plans. Knowing what’s right for your business, your employees, and your bottom line is invaluable. Partner with CPS for guidance.
Expert help

Get the Hard Stuff Handled

The administrative burden of benefits is probably its biggest downside. Get personalized help with claims, documentation and fielding employee questions from our experts.

One Hand to Shake

You could attempt to put together a full benefits package from multiple vendors...or go with just one versatile partner and save time and money. CPS has it all — 401k, health, pre-tax savings plans and more — all under one roof.
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Stay Compliant

Stay on top of changing laws and regulations without staying late. We help companies of all sizes avoid fines and manage the complexities of compliance.
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How it Works

Build the Right Benefits Package to Attract and Retain Talent

Choosing your perfect plan, enrollment and support is easy with the help of your people in benefits.

Set Up

Get expert assistance selecting the best plan (health, 401k, FSA, or all of them) for your current staff and hiring goals.


Allow employees to sign up and maintain their data with easy to navigate online portals and self-service options that take the burden off managers.

Everywhere Access

Manage benefits on any device, wherever you or your employees are.


Your people in benefits never let you down. CPS is here to help long after enrollment, with ongoing support and benefits administration.

Benefits Administration for Busy Managers & Owners

Employee benefits administration shouldn’t eat up all your time, so we thought of everything to help you do it all quickly and compliantly.

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Compliance, Double-Checked

From ERISA and S125 to employee notices, COBRA, eligibility tracking and even ACA, we deeply understand and guarantee compliance with all the regulations so you stay on the right side of the law, no matter how it – or your business – changes.

Benefits Administration Made Easy

Manage all the parts and pieces of your benefits package, including payroll deductions and reporting, claims processing, and bill reconciliation with the one-on-one help of a dedicated account manager.

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Paperless Enrollment

Online is simply more intuitive. Go paperless to help leadership and staff keep everything from overviews and summaries to communication updated, organized, and in one place.

Annual Services

Start every year off right with help managing ongoing, time-consuming benefits tasks, including Form 5500 filing and compliance testing to employee education and health renewals when the time comes.

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Medical, Savings, Workers’ Comp and More

Build Your Benefits Package

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  • Medical

    Find the right coverage, ensure compliance, and let us streamline your processes and keep your employees informed of requirements, renewals and changes all year long.
  • Dental/Vision/STD/LTD

    Get help determining the best supplemental plans for your staff. Discover a range of possibilities for all sizes and types of businesses.
  • Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA)

    Help employees pay for their individual insurance premiums when a group health plan isn’t the best fit for your business.
  • Pre-Tax Savings Plans

    Flexible plans designed to help employees save money, tax-free, toward healthcare expenses. Choose from HSA, HRA, and FSA. Additionally, S125 plans help save on payroll taxes. We can be your guide to it all.
  • Retirement

    Help employees invest in their futures with 401k and Simple IRA plans tailored to your needs and those of your staff.
  • Workers’ Comp

    Find coverage at the best possible cost from pros experienced in state-by-state laws and the ins and outs of coverage. Plus, you get the benefit of payroll integration.

    Offer continuing benefits (and remain accurate and compliant) when an employee leaves without being overloaded by the process.
  • ERISA Compliance

    Stay within the standards of your ERISA-covered group benefit plans. We’re experts at organizing and orchestrating compliance with the complexities of this governmental act.
  • Employee Benefit Notices

    Notify employees easily and compliantly: let us deliver the proper disclosures and notices to inform them of their coverage and beneficiary rights and responsibilities.

Your Personal Benefits Library

Read Up, Learn More, Do Better

Offering Health Insurance

Offering Health Insurance to Employees: An Employer’s Guide To Implementation

If you’re thinking about offering health insurance to help attract and retain workers, you probably have lots of questions about how to get started.
RESIZED - Choosing 401k

Choosing A 401(K) Provider: 7 Things To Consider

If you’ve decided to offer a 401(k) to your employees to enhance your benefits package and boost employee satisfaction, your next step is to find a provider to help you design, administer and maintain your plan.
RESIZED - Benefit Notices

Annual Notices For Employee Benefits: A Guide To Compliance

A number of disclosures and annual notices for employee benefits are required by law if you offer a group health plan. And if you fail to provide them, you could face steep penalties.

We Are Better Together

A Few Words About Our People


Why should I choose CPS?

CPS is your people partner, an all-in-one payroll, HR and benefits provider here to make the business of running, maintaining and growing your business easier.

Are CPS’s brokers licensed?

They sure are. Our benefit client advisors are long-time pros who are fully licensed. They’re also available to you for questions, advice and information anytime, via email or phone.

How does enrollment work?

We offer online enrollment but will never leave you alone with a computer and ask you to just figure it out (unless you really want us to). As your people in benefits, we want you and your employees to have the benefits experience you want and need, so we’re here to help, but also give you the tools to make it easy.

What 401k products does CPS offer?

We can help you with 401k matters in a more or less hands-on fashion, by acting as a third-party administrator, or with full-service retirement plan services. Read more about it all here.

What options do you have to help offset the high cost of healthcare?

Along with working to broker the best plan for your business, we also offer a new type of product: individual coverage HRAs (ICHRA), which allow employers to reimburse their staff for individual health insurance premiums, enabling your employees to purchase their own health insurance, typically through the Exchange. Learn more here.

What pre-tax benefit solutions do you offer?

We offer HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, Commuter Benefits and Section 125 Premium-Only Plans. Want to know more? Check out this article.

Partner with CPS

Say Hello to Your People in Benefits

Relationship Pricing
Get more bang for your buck by bundling more than just payroll with CPS. Add health insurance and benefits administration to save money overall.

No One is a Number
CPS is your people in benefits, and your dedicated account manager is your hands-on guide dedicated to helping you understand the world of employee benefits, find the very best plans for your staff, and use this amazing incentive to attract and retain the talent you need.

One Hand to Shake
You only have time for one benefits administrator. So, rather than working with a different vendor for health insurance, 401k administration, worker’s compensation (and on and on), work with one experienced, personal partner who has your back from onboarding through enrollment, all year, every year.

Custom and Curated
No two businesses are alike, so their employee benefit plans shouldn’t be. We work with the best plans and providers out there, and customize products just for you.

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