What is FUTA tax?


As an employer, more than likely you pay the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax. But just what is FUTA tax…


Payroll Fraud During COVID-19

Payroll fraud

During COVID-19, fraud has been on the rise, with wrongdoers seeking to profit from the pandemic. The threats even prompted the…


Integrated Payroll Software for Small Businesses

payroll software

If you’re a small business and still using siloed systems for workforce management, it may be time to extend the power…


2019 Payroll Checklist


One of the best ways to start the New Year off right is to make sure everything’s in order for 2020….


Emerging Payroll Methods May Put an End to the Paper Check

This week is National Payroll Week, and the annual event marks a perfect time to look at the latest trends in…


Should You Go Gray?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force participation rate is expected to increase fastest for the oldest segments…


Payroll Facts and Figures: What you Need to Know for 2019

Each year, legal and regulatory changes can impact everything from the amount of payroll taxes you have to pay and your…


Time to ditch paper? Top Reasons to Consider Paperless Payroll

Physical checks may be the more traditional method of compensating employees, but they can also be costly to ship, delayed due…


401k+Payroll=Big Benefits

One of the most popular benefits continues to be 401(k) plans. According to the latest SHRM annual employee benefits survey, 93…


Phishing Emails and Protecting Your Payroll

protecting your payroll from phishing emails, envelope, lock

Cybersecurity is a growing concern among businesses of all sizes, especially when even large companies like Equifax and Target are hit by data breaches. Tony Frye, Complete Payroll Solutions’ IT Director, answers common questions about ensuring the security of workers’ personal information.



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