Craft a Plan for Everyone’s Benefit

Offer your employees and candidates quality benefit options. With multiple carriers and product options, you can customize a robust offering specific to your needs.

Top Employee Health Plans

You’re not limited to one carrier. Build affordable programs that fortify health benefits and provide exceptional coverage by having choices.

Major Medical
Comprehensive Dental
Life & Disability

Retirement & Savings with Quality Investments

Name-brand and low-cost mutual funds mean you can create exciting programs for future savings.

401(k) and Other Retirement Plans
Quality Investments
Portfolio Management
Flexible Plans

“With a variety of employee benefit plans and administrative services, we have something that will fit every business need. We can help you expand your benefit package at a cost that is reasonable and competitive.”

John Stebbins, MBA · Senior VP of Benefits

Benefits Administration

Give employees the opportunity to offset medical, dental, prescription, vision and childcare costs with savings from pre-tax dollars.

Flexible Spending Programs
Pre-Tax Savings
Transit Plans
Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs)
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Compliance & Benefits Support

Avoid penalties without being an expert in the nuances of government rules and regulations. Provide the services needed to offer extended benefits and stay in compliance.

Affordable Care Act
Workers’ Compensation Pay-as-You-Go