Payroll Benefits
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Let Us Craft a Plan for Everyone’s Benefit

Attract and retain top talent with Complete Payroll Solutions’ quality payroll benefit products. We are trusted by thousands of companies in the Northeast.

Our dedicated benefits experts will work with your company to develop an all-inclusive program that appeals to your employees and your budget. Our suite of solutions includes easy-to-use online payroll management tools, and our own staff of insurance brokers and compliance experts to build programs that are right for you. Our team of payroll benefit specialists deal with your benefits administration to simplify your enrollment, minimize your workload, and automate your reporting. Empower your team with the best CPS value-added compensation and company perks.

Payroll Benefits

Top Employee Health Plans

From HMOs to PPOs, our brokers work with the top insurance companies to build affordable programs that fortify health benefits and provide exceptional coverage.

  • Major Medical
    Comprehensive health plans for employees and their families at an affordable cost.
  • Comprehensive Dental
    Cost efficient dental plans are becoming more and more desirable as part of a comprehensive compensation plan.
  • Life & Disability
    Planning ahead without getting in over your head. Policies and coverage that buy peace of mind.
  • Paperless Enrollment
    Automate new hire and open enrollment, access policies online, and minimize your workload.

Retirement & Savings with Quality Investments

Complete Payroll Solutions 401K professionals partner with name brand and low cost Mutual Funds to create exciting programs for future savings.

  • 401K & Retirement Plans
    Flexible investment options that let employees choose how they want to save for the future.
  • Quality Investments
    From actively managed mutual funds to index funds, employees can select their own level of interest in their company’s 401K plan.
  • Portfolio Management
    24/7 access and daily pricing lets employees control their own investments and automatic payroll deductions.
  • Flexible Plans
    CPS advisors work with your company to tailor plans, and offer your employees low-cost programs that bolster nest-eggs.
I’ve experienced numerous payroll providers both big and small, so I had a solid idea of what I wanted. Not only are we 100% paperless, the people at CPS seem to share the mindset that we have… the work ethic and the level of service.

Benefits Administration

Give employees the opportunity to offset medical, dental, prescription, vision and childcare costs with savings from pre-tax dollars.

  • Flexible Spending Programs
    An attractive program for employees with ongoing medical, prescription, or childcare expenses, CPS offers pre-tax options that can save families thousands of dollars each year.
  • Pre-Tax Savings
    A 30% annual savings on health insurance premiums helps employees save on their health insurance costs.
  • Transit Plans
    Your commute could be saving you money. Employees use tax-free dollars to pay for bus, rail, or ferry and any parking near these commuter stations or your workplace.
  • Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
    Reduce your employees’ out-of-pocket healthcare expenses by offering an HRA that pays for eligible healthcare costs not covered by any other source.

Compliance & Benefits Support

CPS understands the nuances of compliance and government programs to help you avoid penalties and provide the services needed to offer extended benefits.

  • Affordable Care Act
    Our ACA experts stand ready to provide you with the information and guidance to make sound financial decisions and understand the wider impact of those decisions. And CPS can help you avoid costly penalties by tracking, integrating and analyzing data across time and labor, payroll, and HR.
    Ensure that mandated extended benefits policies are provided to employees should their employment status change.
    CPS provides you and your employees with all required state and federal information pertaining to your health and welfare benefits and keep you in compliance with all aspects of established laws.
  • Workers’ Compensation
    As an insurance agency, Complete Payroll Solutions has resident experts to consult with you, find you the best rates and coverages available, and then set your payroll up on Pay-As-You-Go for maximum savings.


I would recommend Complete Payroll for any business who wants to lower their HR costs and provide their employees the benefit programs that they’re accustomed to at larger organizations.

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