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Time & Attendance for Your Workforce

Poorly Implemented Systems Can be a Waste of Time
Let Complete Payroll Solutions Customize Tracking for Your Business

In business, time is money – and you can’t afford to waste either. That’s why CPS doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to time and labor tracking. We prefer to offer you choices that fit your business model, and expert advice to create the right solution.

At CPS, we work with you to develop single source time and attendance programs to fit your needs, through using the most up-to-date technologies the marketplace has to offer. Our time and attendance software includes employee time tracking and time and labor solutions. Our specialist advisors provide you with expert time management support and advice to ensure you are receiving the best possible service.

We understand that a startup company won’t require complete workforce management (just yet), and established companies will need more robust systems to streamline time and attendance. Therefore, we tailor solutions to each client individually and understand that every company is unique. We provide cost-effective time management solutions and the versatility to expand as your company grows.

Time & Attendance

Time & labor management solutions

CPS builds attendance tracking and reporting systems for individual businesses that boost productivity and saves you money.

  • Timeclock Technology
    CPS offers timeclock solutions including web-based, bar code, keypad, mobile and smartphone technology for greater accessibility.
  • Real-Time Data and Reporting
    Access up-to-the-minute schedules and employee information from anywhere for staff management and planning.
  • Money-Saving Solutions
    Control overtime, manage time off, and reduce payroll input errors.

Prompt, Accurate Payroll

Increase accuracy while decreasing the time and work involved in payroll processing with modernized systems for every-sized company.

  • Faster Payroll Administration
    Payroll completed in less time with automated features that reduce the risk of costly payroll errors.
  • Precision & Accuracy Every Pay Period
    Avoid costly errors and compliance issues with consistent policy enforcement across your workforce.
I’ve experienced numerous payroll providers both big and small, so I had a solid idea of what I wanted. Not only are we 100% paperless, the people at CPS seem to share the mindset that we have… the work ethic and the level of service.

Employee Self-Service

Online time-card reporting and access to employee data offers today’s workforce the opportunity to stay connected to the company and each other.

  • Clocking In and Out from Connected Devices
    From phones, laptops, or tablets, team members can start and end their day online with hours automatically input for payroll.
  • Access to Accruals & Vacation Time
    Employees can manage and view their time off balances and make requests for vacation in real time.
  • Self-Scheduling Capabilities
    Shift changes and coverage is made easier by giving staff the opportunity to request schedule changes from any connected device.


I would recommend Complete Payroll for any business who wants to lower their HR costs and provide their employees the benefit programs that they’re accustomed to at larger organizations.

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