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3 Ways Workforce Management Software Benefits Small Businesses

by Pat Collopy - April 16 2018

You may think your business doesn’t need a workforce management system, but the truth is that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the automation ...


When Outsourcing HR Makes Sense

by Pat Collopy - March 12 2018

While human resources is an essential component of any business, it’s not easy to manage—and manage well—on top of your other responsibilities. In the...


Attention MA Employers: EMAC Changes = Increased Fees

by Pat Collopy - February 27 2018

In August 2017, an Act Further Regulating Employer Contributions to Health Care was signed into law, temporarily changing the existing employer medica...


How the Right HR Software Can Improve Employee Onboarding

by Pat Collopy - February 26 2018

Onboarding is rarely the easy process that employees and employers both wish it was, but that has the potential to change—and it should. Studies have ...


New Civil Monetary Penalties in 2018 from the Department of Labor

by Pat Collopy - February 6 2018

CPS is dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier and that involves keeping you up to date with all of the latest changes in compliance regulations...


New Employee Verification Form (I-9) Required For Employees

by Pat Collopy - July 27 2017

New Employee Verification Form (I-9) Required For Employees Hired After September 18, 2017  The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (US...


All Onboard! Strategies for Successful New Hire Orientation

by Pat Collopy - March 7 2017

“Onboarding” is the process of transitioning new employees into your organization, including how you go about introducing them to your culture, polici...


New Law Eases Health Care Burdens for Small Businesses

by Pat Collopy - February 24 2017

Allows Health Reimbursement Benefits Without Having to Install a Group Health Plan Thanks to a recently enacted provision in the 21st Century Cures Ac...


Gain the Skills to Find Skilled Talent

by Pat Collopy - January 24 2017

Landing great people is key to any company’s success and profitability. Yet, according to the Aberdeen Group, 79 percent of companies are experiencing...


New Employee Verification Forms (I-9) Takes Effect in January

by Pat Collopy - January 4 2017

Earlier this year,  the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a revised Employee Form I-9. Employers are required to begin using...

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