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SOC 1 Audits: Benefits Of Working With A Compliant Payroll Company

by John Pettengill - September 2 2021

If you’re looking to partner with an outsourced payroll provider, there are countless vendors you can choose from. While we’ve previously written abou...


Employee Retention Credit vs Paycheck Protection Program

by John Pettengill - February 2 2021

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions still in place in many states, a lot of companies continue to struggle to make ends meet. To help ...


Owner Draw Vs Salary: Paying Yourself As An Employer

by John Pettengill - January 28 2021

As a new business owner, having enough money to run your business is always a top concern. While it takes on average about $3,000 to start a microbusi...


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