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All Onboard! Strategies for Successful New Hire Orientation

by Pat Collopy on Mar 7, 2017 3:08:52 PM

“Onboarding” is the process of transitioning new employees into your organization, including how you go about introducing them to your culture, policies, procedures and team. Beyond making a great first impression, effective onboarding has been shown to increase staff retention and enhance productivity by giving new hires the opportunity to learn, ask questions and understand the big picture as it relates to their roles.

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Here are some other helpful tips to help you with employee onboarding:

1. Send a welcome email before day #1. Introduce new hires to the company with a warm and upbeat message that also provides practical information like dress code, start time, tips for parking or public transportation, etc.

2. Give them the lay of the land. On the first day, give a tour of the workspace, equipment, bathrooms, break areas, kitchen, etc. Provide a little company history. Make sure your new hire has applicable usernames and passwords to get started.

3. Take them to lunch. Help employees get to know the team and company culture by arranging to have a small group of coworkers take your new hires to lunch on the first day.

4. Training is teambuilding. 25% of companies interviewed said their onboarding program did not include training. That’s counterproductive. Consider pairing your new hire with a top performer or manager who will give them the tools to succeed.

5. Be patient. A successful onboarding program should last 30-60 days. Be sure to check in with new hires. Follow up on their progress, give them the chance to ask questions and address concerns, and evaluate their performance so they know how they’re doing.

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