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What Is WOTC? An Employer’s Guide To The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

by Sean Halloran - February 23 2023

If you’re like many employers, the amount you have to pay in taxes is affecting your ability to invest in areas that will drive your future growth lik...

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The Top 9 Reasons You May Want To Consider Switching Payroll Companies

by Sean Halloran - August 9 2022

If you’re currently using an outsourced payroll provider but are worried they may no longer meet your needs, you may be wondering if your vendor remai...

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6 Signs You May Need Payroll Outsourcing Services

by Sean Halloran - March 29 2022

As a business owner, you can easily be overwhelmed by payroll responsibilities that detract you from running your company. That’s why 38% of companies...

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Complete Payroll Solutions’ Payroll Packages: Which Is Best For You?

by Sean Halloran - February 23 2021

If you’ve decided to outsource payroll to realize greater accuracy and efficiency in your processes, you have a lot of choices today. As you search fo...

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