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Posting Success: Three Steps to Compliance

by John Stebbins on Apr 16, 2019 4:37:12 PM

Even though employees may pass by them daily without a second glance, workplace posters are essential to alerting workers of their rights and responsibilities under state and federal law. That’s why employers must hang specific notices in an area where all employees can read them – or risk steep fines and even lawsuits. See our list of required posters.

But with hundreds of mandatory poster changes across the country over the years, staying abreast of the latest versions can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when certain businesses, like federal contractors, healthcare providers, and restaurants, have additional notice obligations. Here are three easy ways to make sure you remain compliant.

  1. Use the Correct Wording. Labor posters require specific text in order to meet the posting requirements so be sure your notifications are exact. You can download and print the correct versions free from governmental agencies. Certain states may also ask employers to fill in information like emergency phone numbers or worker’s compensation policy information. And remember that some federal posters must also be in Spanish if a significant portion of workers are not English-speaking and certain state ones must be displayed in both languages.
  2. Post in a Conspicuous Place. Identify a prominent, highly-visible location to display the posters, such as a frequented place like a break room or cafeteria or bulletin board that contains important notices. If you have employees who work remotely or travel frequently, you can send them a set of posters or use a company intranet to show you’re making an effort to advise them of their rights.
  3. Hang the most updated versions. When mandatory labor law poster changes occur, be sure to hang the updated version by the effective date; you’ll typically have at least 30 days’ notice. You don’t need to alert workers to the changes but must simply display the most current version.

Want peace of mind? Consider a labor law poster service that monitors all laws and automatically provides you the latest versions when there are mandatory updates. Contact Complete Payroll Solutions at 401.332.9325 to find out more about our service.


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