Culture Matters: Easy Employee Perks That Provide a Competitive Edge

Employee Perks

A high salary and a good health plan aren’t the only things workers want from their jobs anymore. Today, more and more employees are seeking a better work-life balance. And companies are responding with a wide range of support both in and out of work to attract and keep these workers.

While highly publicized perks are available at some of the largest employers like Facebook, who offers onsite dry cleaning and laundry as well as vending machines for electronics, and Netflix, which boasts unlimited vacation, even smaller companies can boost their retention by making simple investments in their workplace culture.

Here are five things you can do to drive employee satisfaction, and your success.

5 Employee Perks That Workers Want

Offer Flexibility: The number one perk workers want, regardless of age, is flexibility. For some, that means the ability to start and stop their day when it works for them, as long as they maintain a certain number of hours. Others want the option to work remotely either all or part of a day. With companies increasingly realizing that employees can be trusted to be responsible for their own results, try designing an alternative schedule that can work for both you and your employees.

Promote Continued Learning: Paid professional development opportunities are among the most important to workers. But beyond just education that will help employees currently, be sure to offer cross-training that will strengthen their skills for a future role as well. Don’t forget to have clear promotion tracks so employees know what to work towards.

Add the Fun Factor: Lifting the spirits of employees through group activities can also boost morale. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Bring in a Ping-Pong table, schedule a board game afternoon, hire a comedian to come in at lunch or arrange an outing or some other bonding experience that employees can look forward to. To make sure your efforts hit the mark, ask employees for their input.

Give Free Stuff: Everyone loves to get something for nothing so even if you can’t offer free daily meals, consider delivering the occasional pizzas to the office or providing breakfast once a month. Or keep the break room stocked with snacks and beverages. Something as simple as setting out a candy jar can even make an employee’s day better.

Sponsor Sports: While many companies have built on-site gyms, some have gone a step further and offer classes like yoga mid-day or a lunchtime walking group. Or they organize a regular outdoor activity like department kickball games or sports teams that play in leagues outside of work. Even sponsoring fitness challenges can engage employees.

Happier employees are more motivated employees, and they’re more likely to stick around as well. To learn the top benefits companies are offering to transform their cultures, read the excerpt on intangible benefits from the SHRM 2018 Employee Benefits Report.

Employee Perks Report


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