Comparing Payroll Companies: ADP Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

If you’re getting overwhelmed by payroll responsibilities and are looking for outsourced help to alleviate the burden on your business, there are lots of providers both regionally and nationally who can be of assistance. But with so many options, you may worry about making the best choice for your business.

As you begin to research providers, you’ll find that one of the more common options for small to enterprise businesses is ADP. But if you’re here, that means you’re also considering Complete Payroll Solutions.

Complete Payroll Solutions has been providing outsourced payroll services to clients throughout the Northeast for 18 years. We know that could make us biased when talking about payroll providers. But we also know we’re not the best fit for every company. Given that, we feel it’s valuable to provide an honest comparison to help you feel confident in reaching your decision.

To help you evaluate ADP versus Complete Payroll Solutions to determine the best solution for you, in this article, we’ll address how these two providers stack up in terms of:

  • Included Features
  • Cost of Payroll
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Customer Support

After reading this article, you’ll know the key differentiators of ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions to help you make the best decision for your business.

ADP Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

When choosing between ADP versus Complete Payroll Solutions, you’ll want to carefully compare the offerings from both companies.

Included Features

Both ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions offer different payroll packages that include payroll processing as well as other support services. ADP breaks down their packages based on company size. For example, they offer 4 options for companies with 1-49 employees and 4 choices for those with 50+ employees.

By comparison, at Complete Payroll Solutions, we offer 1 package for smaller companies and 3 options that are suitable for any sized business.

To make it easy to evaluate the features of the packages side-by-side, here, we’ll compare ADP’s 4 options for businesses with 1-49 employees to Complete Payroll Solutions’ 4 packages for a quick look at how they measure up.

A chart of ADP package features.
A chart of Complete Payroll Solutions' packages, pricing, and features.

Payroll with either company is largely the same. However, one thing ADP offers at every tier that Complete Payroll Solutions doesn’t is the option to call in your payroll. With Complete Payroll Solutions’ packages, you need to submit your payroll online. However, if you prefer to phone or fax in the information, we offer a separate classic payroll option that allows you to do that.

The real difference between ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions lies in the added features included with each package.

At each level, ADP offers access to some more HR resources than Complete Payroll Solutions’ packages. On the other hand, with Complete Payroll Solutions, you get integrated time and attendance functionality with all but the most basic Xpress package; with ADP, that’s an add-on. Complete Payroll Solutions also offers workers’ compensation administration at every level plus health insurance and retirement plan administration at the top tier; ADP doesn’t include these offerings in their packages but rather they can be purchased as add-ons with any tier.

With all the packages from ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions, the main thing you’ll want to consider when evaluating them side by side is what, if any, additional products and services you want beyond basic payroll processing. That will help ensure that you pick a package that has the features you’ll actually use. Otherwise, you risk paying more for services that you don’t need.

Cost of Payroll

When doing a detailed comparison of ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions, another factor you’ll want to consider is cost. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay about $150 to $200 per employee per year to outsource payroll, although each provider charges a little differently.

The costs for ADP’s packages aren’t available online. Instead, ADP says that “The cost of small business payroll depends on several factors, including payroll frequency, total number of employees and the specific services that are needed.” To find out what payroll with ADP will cost, you’ll need to request a quote. There’s an automated process on their website to start the process. Once you complete a form, an ADP sales representative will reach out to you to give you pricing.

At Complete Payroll Solutions, our pricing is transparent. We include the costs for each package on our pricing page so you can know before you even start a conversation with us whether we offer a solution that fits your budget. Our pricing for the 4 packages we just described above is as follows:

  • Xpress: A flat rate of $69 per month for 1-10 employees and $89 per month for 11-20 employees
  • Workforce: $12 per employee per month plus a $70 base fee
  • Workforce Plus: $12 per employee per month plus a $135 base fee
  • Complete Benefits: $12 per employee per month plus a $150 base fee

Ease of Implementation

No matter what payroll company you choose, making the switch takes a lot less time and effort than you may think.

ADP’s website says that companies with less than 10 employees can set up and run the first payroll in just 20 minutes. You’ll simply need to follow the implementation steps that will be emailed to you. An 800 number and your sales representative will be able to help you with any questions. Once you’re up and running with ADP, payroll can be processed in minutes.

As a new client with Complete Payroll Solutions, it will take about 2-3 days to get your first payroll set up. To start the process, you’ll be assigned a new client representative who will schedule a welcome call with you within 24 hours. During the call, the representative will discuss your needs so they can tailor the payroll process to your business. You’ll also get an initial training so you’re prepared to run your first payroll. Once you’re up and running, using the same 10-employee company example, it will take less than 15 minutes to complete your payroll each pay period.

Customer Support

If you’re new to outsourcing payroll, it’s likely that you’ll have some questions either about set up or running your payroll. That’s when the level of customer support a vendor provides can be an important distinguisher.

ADP offers companies with 1-49 employees 24/7 access to live payroll professionals. These team members are accessible through a toll-free number that puts employers in touch with specialists in various call centers globally.

A primary differentiator with Complete Payroll Solutions is that you’re assigned a dedicated new client representative when you first sign on who will stay with you until you move to a permanent payroll specialist assigned to your account. With this approach, you’ll have access to the same contact who knows you and your business each time you call. These individuals are available by phone Monday through Friday.

Is ADP or Complete Payroll Solutions better for me?

As you set out to find the best payroll vendor for your company, you’ll see that ADP and Complete Payroll Solutions both have their pros and cons.

ADP may be the right choice if you:

  • Like a do-it-yourself model and don’t need a lot of handholding
  • Want to be able to access support staff after hours, for example, if you run payroll late at night or on the weekends
  • Process international payroll since ADP is in 140 countries
  • Are interested in a PEO for your payroll that includes group health insurance and workers’ compensation

Complete Payroll Solutions could be a good choice for you if you:

  • Want transparent pricing so you can better budget
  • Prefer personalized customer service from the same payroll professional
  • Are looking for a more consultative approach during the sales process rather than requesting information and a quote online
  • Want integrated options like health insurance and retirement plan administration that’s under the same roof versus handled by a third party

If it sounds like Complete Payroll Solutions may be a fit for you, visit our pricing page for more details on our options.


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