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Comparing Payroll Companies: Gusto Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

by Brian Roy on Jul 20, 2021 5:21:47 AM

Whether you’ve decided to outsource payroll for the first time to increase efficiencies, accuracy and compliance or are switching vendors, you’ll quickly discover there are lots of companies on the market to choose from. And Gusto is one of the most popular vendors. But if you’re reading this, you’re also considering Complete Payroll Solutions.

Complete Payroll Solutions has been providing payroll solutions to thousands of companies since 2003. We know that may make us biased when talking about payroll vendors, but we also know we’re not the best solution for every business. Since it can be overwhelming to compare vendors to find the right fit,  here we’ll compare Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions in several areas, including:

  • Payroll Packages
  • Cost
  • Integrations
  • Implementation
  • Customer Service

After reading this side-by-side look at Gusto versus Complete Payroll Solutions, you’ll have the information you need to choose the right payroll provider for your business.

Gusto Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

As you evaluate Gusto versus Complete Payroll Solutions, it can be helpful to compare the two companies in several areas before you decide on a provider.

Payroll Packages

Both Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions offer several packages based on your needs and budget.


Gusto offers an “all-in-one people platform” that includes payroll processing and tax filings as well as other workforce management solutions like time and attendance, HR and employee benefits. It gives employers the option to choose between 4 plans depending on your needs and budget.

  • Core: This option is designed for smaller companies and offers payroll plus workers’ compensation, health insurance administration, and employee onboarding tools.
  • Complete: A more comprehensive option, Complete includes payroll plus time and attendance, workers’ compensation and health insurance administration and customizable employee onboarding tools.
  • Concierge: At this highest level offering, you get the same payroll, time and attendance and benefits administration included in the Complete package plus access to certified HR pros and an HR resource center.
  • Contractor: If you don’t have W-2 workers but are just using 1099 contractors, Gusto offers an option for paying those individuals and generating the necessary tax forms.

Complete Payroll Solutions

Like Gusto, we offer 4 packages to give you choices when it comes to payroll and other services you want included. That’s because each of the packages includes payroll processing and tax filings as well as integrated time and attendance, HR and benefits support depending on what you choose.

  • Express: Our most basic package includes payroll plus workers’ compensation administration.
  • Workforce: With this option, you get payroll, workers’ compensation administration, time and attendance and HR onboarding tools and technology.
  • Workforce Plus: This level includes everything in Workforce with the addition of HR consulting and an HR helpline as well as more robust HR tools for recruiting and onboarding.
  • Complete Benefits: Our most robust package features all of the payroll, time and attendance and HR support in Workforce Plus as well as workers’ compensation and health insurance plan administration.


Next, we’ll break down what both Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions charge.


The pricing for Gusto’s payroll packages is based on a per employee per month fee. The costs vary depending on which package you choose.

  • Core: $6 per employee per month plus a $39 base fee
  • Complete: $12 per employee per month and a $39 base fee
  • Concierge: $12 per employee per month plus a base fee of $149 a month
  • Contractor: $6 per contractor per month and no base fee.

Complete Payroll Solutions

Like Gusto, we provide transparent pricing on our website so you can understand which package may fit your budget. Our costs are:

  • Express: $6 per employee per month plus a $60 base fee
  • Workforce: $12 per employee per month plus a $70 base fee
  • Workforce Plus: $12 per employee per month plus a $135 base fee
  • Complete Benefits: $12 per employee per month plus a $150 base fee


In addition to integrated packages from the two companies, both Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions offer integrations with third-party tools to further enhance workforce management.


Gusto integrates with several popular tools, including accounting programs like QuickBooks, time tracking, point of sale programs like Clover and Shopify, business operations software and learning and development platforms. The website includes a list of all integrations.

Complete Payroll Solutions

Complete Payroll Solutions also integrates with a collection of add-on HCM modules to help you build the ideal solution. Unlike Gusto, we offer direct interfaces with programs such as time and attendance platform Swipeclock, CareerPlug applicant tracking and onboarding, and Employee Navigator.


Getting up and running with payroll should be easy so you’ll want to find out what’s needed from you, how long implementation should take and what type of support you’ll get.


If you’re transitioning from another payroll provider, Gusto’s website says that they work hard to make it as easy as possible. In some cases, Gusto offers white glove service, meaning they work with your current payroll provider to transfer all the data over for you.

Once you’re up and running, Gusto says they’ve designed payroll to be run in minutes with just a few clicks.

Complete Payroll Solutions

No matter what payroll package you choose, Complete Payroll Solutions can set up new clients in about 2 or 3 days for smaller and mid-sized businesses. We will simply need to collect some basic company and employee information from you to get started.

To help with the process, you’ll be assigned a new client representative who will help you every step of the way until you run your first payroll.

Customer Service

While both Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions offer online payroll for simplicity, you may still need to reach them with questions so understanding the support they offer can be important.


Gusto has two offices based in San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO. Their website also offers several ways to get in touch with the company:

  • Sign in: This option is for employers who have a Gusto account and allows them to sign in to talk to support.
  • Call: Representatives are available Monday through Friday for those new to Gusto.
  • Email: The website allows you to complete a form to send a message.

For those who prefer a self-service approach, customers can access an online help center for information.

Complete Payroll Solutions

A big difference between Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions is that with us, you get a  dedicated new client representative who will stay with you through your first payroll, at which point you’ll be assigned a permanent certified payroll specialist. With this approach, you’ll have access to the same contact who knows you and your business each time you call. These individuals are available by phone Monday through Friday.

We also have office locations throughout the Northeast if you want the option to speak with someone face-to-face. Or you can email us as well.

Is Gusto or Complete Payroll Solutions the better choice for me?

When comparing Gusto and Complete Payroll Solutions, they both offer payroll processing plus additional time and attendance, HR and benefits administration depending on the package you select. But there are key differences between the companies that may make one a better fit for you.

Gusto may be best for your business if you:

  • Are tech-savvy and want to incorporate an integrated HR system that allows you to manage your employees via technology
  • Know payroll well and don’t need a lot of handholding
  • Want seamless integration with popular third-party softwares   

Complete Payroll Solutions could be the right choice if you:

  • Prefer personalized customer service from the same payroll professional
  • Are looking for a more consultative approach during the sales process rather than requesting information and a quote online
  • Want additional integrated options like benefits brokerage and administration under the same roof

If it sounds like Complete Payroll Solutions may be a fit for you, the next step is to read our article about our 4 payroll packages.


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