Get Your Business Storm-Ready for Snow Closures and Winter Weather


Depending on where your business is located, winter weather can pose a variety of workplace challenges. And one of the biggest is knowing how to handle closures due to snow storms. To help you prepare for inclement weather this season, here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to deciding to close the workplace for all or part of the day.

  1. Assign a Team: Before snow storm season gets too far underway, create a team consisting of necessary management and other personnel and assign tasks that need to be handled before, during, and after a potential weather closure.
  2. Develop a Weather Policy: Make sure you include inclement weather protocols in your employee handbook so that all employees understand what may prompt you to close such as school or government closures, how they’ll be contacted, what to do if workers can’t safely make it in, and so on.
  3. Communicate Compensation Considerations: Depending on your employees’ status, you may need to pay them even if you close. While nonexempt employees must only be paid for the hours worked, exempt employees must be paid for the entire work week if they worked any part of it. To eliminate confusion, share these details in your handbook.
  4. Address PTO: Employers can require both exempt and nonexempt employees to use vacation time or PTO when the office closes due to weather. Consider your options, including allowing employees to work remotely instead of taking time off, and include the policy in your handbook.
  5. Put Safety First: Significant snow or ice can cause power outages, slippery surfaces, and other hazardous conditions in the workplace so be sure you adequately protect employees, vendors, and customers against dangers.

With some businesses deciding to close when as little as a few inches of snow accumulate, find out your risk this winter by downloading our map. And before the severe weather hits, call Complete Payroll Solutions at 888-865-4470 for more assistance with how to prepare for HR issues that may arise.


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