Do Your HR Practices Measure Up?

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, HR departments are expected to keep up with the latest requirements to ensure continued compliance. But with limited resources, staff, or expertise, it can be challenging to understand just what the IRS, DOL, OSHA, and other governmental bodies are asking of organizations, and how to supply it, putting you at risk of liability. That’s where an HR assessment can help.

An in-depth look at all of your policies and practices, an annual HR assessment can pinpoint what you’re doing well and also reveal areas for improvement. Whether you perform the audit in house or bring in outside experts for a more unbiased review, you’ll gain insight into your performance in areas such as:

  • Recruiting/hiring
  • Workplace handbooks and policies
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Safety and security
  • Employee relations
  • Discrimination
  • Discipline and separation
  • Record keeping and documentation

Once complete, you’ll receive the results of your audit, with the highest-priority areas indicated. From there, you can work with leadership to strategize on effective solutions and develop an action plan to address compliance “weak spots.” That way, you can proactively tackle the issues before they become unmanageable or result in penalties.

A comprehensive HR assessment will require a lot of documents and support from your company. But the investment will be far less than the cost of defending even one lawsuit. For an introduction on HR Assessment Basics, review our checklist. To learn about Complete Payroll Solutions’ HR assessment offering, contact us at 401.332.9325.


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