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HR Consulting Packages With CPS: What Are Your Options?

by Karyn H. Rhodes | SHRM-SCP, SPHR on Feb 16, 2023 9:43:45 AM

If you’re like many companies and have decided to outsource HR to an outside provider to help ease the burden on your staff and keep your company in compliance, you know it’s critical to find the right partner. Since you’re here, that means you’ve narrowed down your choices and are considering Complete Payroll Solutions. To help you make a final decision, you likely want more details on what we offer. Let’s dive into the differences between our HR consulting packages to help you find the best fit.

In this article, we’ll compare Complete Payroll Solutions’ 4 HR packages in terms of included services, support, cost, and other features. After reading this, you’ll have the information you need to decide which Complete Payroll Solutions HR package is right for you so you can determine if we’re the best fit for your company.

Complete Payroll Solutions’ HR Consulting Packages

EssentialHR Package

Our EssentialHR package is ideal if you need guidance as you start your business or if you wear many hats and want simple tools to help you ensure your HR compliance. It’s also good for businesses with in-house HR staff who want access to compliant forms, policies, and procedures and the guidance of our professionals for challenging situations.

This basic package mostly features on-demand resources, including:

  • An employee handbook builder: This tool contains crucial information about workplace policies and procedures and can be an important document in limiting your potential legal liability and costs.
  • A state employment law library: This online service gives you up-to-date access to your state’s employment laws, regulations, and executive orders covering wage and hour compensation and other issues.
  • Healthcare reform guidelines: This practical assistance will keep you informed of the changes affecting health benefit plans so you can minimize penalty exposure.
  • Hiring, discipline, and termination resources: This set of self-service documents explain the proper processes for all stages of the employee lifecycle.
  • Job description builder: This tool will help you create ads to bring forward top candidates.
  • Salary benchmarking: This service helps make sure your compensation properly incentivizes employees and enhances retention.
  • An employee cost calculator: Our tool will help you understand the true cost of a new hire beyond just payroll.
  • An interview question builder: This feature helps you develop the right questions that will allow you to understand an applicant’s skill set, experience, personality, and overall fit with your culture.
  • A performance review builder: We provide a professional step-by-step process for your employee’s appraisal and documentation.
  • A total compensation statement builder: This service provides employee information on the complete pay package paid on an annual basis, including direct and indirect compensation.
  • FMLA guidelines: Our available resources will help you understand and manage unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons.
  • Worker safety offerings: We offer a wide range of on-demand trainings, manuals, emergency action plans, and mock OSHA audits to ensure the safety of your workplace.
  • Compliance documents: You have access to a library of forms, policies, and notices accessible online for the latest materials to keep you compliant.
  • HR news alerts: We regularly issue alerts on breaking topics, state, and federal law changes, and new compliance notifications so you’re always in the know.

In addition, you’ll get direct access to our certified professionals via our HR hotline to answer your questions about challenging workforce issues.

AdvancedHR Package

The AdvancedHR package is ideal for a business that already has an up-to-date handbook but wants to make sure their other practices are in compliance. With AdvancedHR, you’ll get access to all of the components of EssentialHR, plus additional services designed to keep you compliant, including:

  • A labor law poster service: We’ll provide you the latest versions of state and federal labor law posters for your workplace that can be used on site and automatically send updates as they become available. If your workforce requires them, we’ll also provide multilingual versions.
  • HR compliance assessment and custom action plan: Your dedicated HR account manager will provide an unbiased review of your performance in areas such as recruiting and hiring, handbooks, benefits and compensation, discrimination, workplace safety, employee relations, and recordkeeping. We’ll then provide an action plan to address any compliance weak spots.
  • Quarterly check ins: Since the regulatory environment is dynamic, our HR consulting team will connect with you on a quarterly basis to advise you on regulatory developments and make sure you’re keeping up with the latest requirements.

PremiumHR Package

PremiumHR is a good choice for companies who want more personal support and tailored guidance for their specific workplace. It includes all of the services offered in AdvancedHR as well as a customized employee handbook prepared by an HR Business Partner with up to 6 state addendums. This handbook will be specific to your company’s size, location, and industry. In addition, we’ll provide you an annual update every year to ensure you’re meeting both state and federal requirements. 


UltimateHR is a powerful program that includes all of the services in PremiumHR delivered by a dedicated human resource professional who will become familiar with your business and also provide up to 10 hours per year of personalized HR consulting to meet your unique needs. In addition, you’ll get access to 10 e-learnings on topics like problem solving, communication, employment law, and your choice of Sexual Harassment Training for Managers or Employment Law Training for Managers. Digital labor law posters for every state where you operate, safety manuals, and emergency action plans are also included.

This robust package provides the greatest amount of hands-on and high-touch support to help your management team address workforce concerns and create a positive environment for all employees – essential to meeting you and your team’s goals.

What do CPS’ HR consulting services cost?

Since each package contains a different level of offerings and support, the price will vary depending on which option you choose to best fit your needs.

  • EssentialHR: The cost for EssentialHR is a flat $750 annual fee. This cost is the same no matter how many employees you have. While EssentialHR is an ideal solution to lay the groundwork for continued compliance, as you grow, you may have more complicated needs that require additional assistance. In these cases, one of our other packages may be the best choice.
  • AdvancedHR: The annual cost for AdvancedHR is $1,800. You’ll see that it costs more than EssentialHR but it is a proactive service with more live support from a Senior HR Business Partner who is licensed and certified by industry organizations like the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Plus, it features more compliance services to help you avoid costly fines and lawsuits.
  • PremiumHR: The annual fee for the PremiumHR package is $3,800. The additional $2,000 cost associated with this package is due to the level of handbook customization that’s required. In the industry, the general range for an HR consulting professional to create an employee handbook is $1,500 to $3,000.
  • UltimateHR: Our UltimateHR package costs $8,000 per year. While it is our most expensive package, it also provides the most one-on-one support and a higher level of guidance. This type of relationship may be particularly useful for companies who need more assistance and don’t have someone in-house who has the experience to handle the responsibilities.

How do I know if CPS is right for me?

Hopefully, this article provided a high-level overview of the key distinctions between our offerings so you know which to select. With 4 different outsourced HR consulting packages to choose from, it’s likely you’ll find the right combination of services from CPS to support your business. Other factors can also make us a good choice for your company. We can be an ideal fit if you:

  • Are looking to customize your HR solutions
  • Want the option to choose on demand or live support
  • Prefer a provider who may be able to assist with other business functions like employee benefits or a retirement plan as you grow
  • Has professionals with industry certifications that can keep you in compliance

The next step is to view our detailed pricing page. If you need help in reaching your decision, visit our dedicated HR page for more information.


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