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How Much Does Payroll Outsourcing Cost? A Breakdown of Pricing

by Michael Pettengill - April 12 2022

As a business owner, payroll is one of your most important functions. Not only does timely and accurate payroll enhance employee satisfaction, it also...


Payroll Solutions Trends: Technologies and Features to Watch

by Michael Pettengill - March 22 2022

Fifty-four percent of workers have experienced a payroll problem, from a late payment to incorrect total earnings. In today’s tight labor market, doin...


Time Clock Options: Which Solution Is Right For Your Business?

by Michael Pettengill - January 20 2022

Time tracking can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of running a business. It’s also one of the most important – essential to preventing time th...


Time And Attendance With CPS: What Are Our Offerings?

by Michael Pettengill - July 6 2021

If you’ve decided to implement a time and attendance system to better manage employees, minimize errors, and save time and money, you have a lot of ch...


Classic Payroll Pricing At Complete Payroll Solutions

by Michael Pettengill - March 16 2021

If you’re considering Complete Payroll Solutions as your outsourced payroll partner, but don’t think our online payroll packages are the right fit, yo...


How Much Will A Time And Attendance System Cost? Pricing For Employers

by Michael Pettengill - November 17 2020

If you’re like most employers, you’ve experienced some frustration when accounting for the number of hours worked by your staff. What should be a simp...


Disadvantages Of Outsourcing Payroll: Everything Employers Should Know

by Michael Pettengill - October 12 2020

If you’re considering outsourcing your payroll and have done research, you’ve probably read about some problems companies have with their payroll prov...


In-House Payroll Vs Outsourcing: Which Is Better For Your Business?

by Michael Pettengill - September 15 2020

As a business owner, you can easily be overwhelmed by payroll responsibilities. There are many third-party options out there who can help but you may ...


Is Mandatory Direct Deposit Legal? Learn Your State Requirements

by Michael Pettengill - July 28 2020

More than 80% of employees receive their paycheck by direct deposit. But some workers can’t because they don’t have a bank account. Or they still pref...


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