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Pay Frequency: Which Is Best For Your Business?

by Chris Freitas - April 20 2021

Whether you’re just adding employees for the first time or there’s a shift in the type of workers you employ, you may be wondering how often you shoul...


Comparing Payroll Companies: Paychex Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

by David Rosania - April 8 2021

If you’ve decided to outsource your payroll to allow for more time to focus on your core business, you’ve probably found that there are plenty of vend...


Comparing Payroll Companies: ADP Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

by Elizabeth Shah - March 23 2021

If you’re getting overwhelmed by payroll responsibilities and are looking for outsourced help to alleviate the burden on your business, there are lots...


Classic Payroll Pricing At Complete Payroll Solutions

by Michael Pettengill - March 16 2021

If you’re considering Complete Payroll Solutions as your outsourced payroll partner, but don’t think our online payroll packages are the right fit, yo...


A W-2 Guide For Employers: Facts, Figures, & Filing Deadlines

by David Polaski - February 25 2021

Let’s face it: tax season can be overwhelming, with hundreds of IRS forms to navigate through. And one of those is Form W-2. This form is required to ...


Complete Payroll Solutions’ Payroll Packages: Which Is Best For You?

by Sean Halloran - February 23 2021

If you’ve decided to outsource payroll to realize greater accuracy and efficiency in your processes, you have a lot of choices today. As you search fo...


Comparing Payroll Companies: QuickBooks Vs. Complete Payroll Solutions

by Chris Gallivan - February 11 2021

If you’ve been handling payroll on your own but have grown to the point where it’s too burdensome and time-consuming, you may be thinking about outsou...


Reading A Paystub: Wages, Withholdings, & More

by David Polaski - February 4 2021

If you are handling HR tasks, that means you’re the go-to person in the company for employee questions about the workplace. And one of the most common...


Employee Retention Credit vs Paycheck Protection Program

by John Pettengill - February 2 2021

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions still in place in many states, a lot of companies continue to struggle to make ends meet. To help ...


Owner Draw Vs Salary: Paying Yourself As An Employer

by John Pettengill - January 28 2021

As a new business owner, having enough money to run your business is always a top concern. While it takes on average about $3,000 to start a microbusi...

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