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How Long Does It Take When Switching Payroll Providers?

by David Broyles - August 5 2020

The advantages of an automated payroll platform like ease and convenience are well-known. But despite the benefits, you may find the costs too high to...


Is Mandatory Direct Deposit Legal? Learn Your State Requirements

by Michael Pettengill - July 28 2020

More than 80% of employees receive their paycheck by direct deposit. But some workers can’t because they don’t have a bank account. Or they still pref...


Payroll Fraud During COVID-19

by John Stebbins - June 23 2020

During COVID-19, fraud has been on the rise, with wrongdoers seeking to profit from the pandemic. The threats even prompted the FBI to issue warnings....


Integrated Payroll Software for Small Businesses

by John Stebbins - February 25 2020

If you’re a small business and still using siloed systems for workforce management, it may be time to extend the power of your payroll software. The k...


2019 Payroll Checklist

by John Stebbins - December 17 2019

One of the best ways to start the New Year off right is to make sure everything’s in order for 2020. And one of the most crucial areas of your busines...


Emerging Payroll Methods May Put an End to the Paper Check

by John Stebbins - September 3 2019

This week is National Payroll Week, and the annual event marks a perfect time to look at the latest trends in paychecks so you can make sure you’re of...


Payroll Facts and Figures: What you Need to Know for 2019

by John Stebbins - April 9 2019

Each year, legal and regulatory changes can impact everything from the amount of payroll taxes you have to pay and your withholding requirements to mi...


401(k)s and HSAs: Two Ways To Help Employees Prepare for Retirement

by John Stebbins - December 12 2018

It’s never too early for young employees to start saving for retirement.


Payroll Debit Cards: 10 Reasons Workers Want Paycards

by John Stebbins - December 4 2018

Paycards, also known as payroll debit cards, are reloadable pre-paid cards onto which employers deposit an employee’s net wages. Workers can then use ...


Top Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

by John Stebbins - October 25 2018

With federal, state and local taxes due at specific times and on particular forms, payroll can be tricky and error-prone, exposing companies to hefty ...

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