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HR Technology 101: Tips for Finding the Right Tools for Your Business

by John Stebbins on Jul 31, 2018 4:32:47 PM

As the pace of technology advances in HR technology continues to accelerate, it can be overwhelming to find just the right tool for your organization and its needs. To make sense of the myriad of options available today, it’s wise to conduct a thorough and thoughtful search. While it may take a bit longer to identify the ideal HR solution, you’ll know that what you’ve settled on is right for you.

As you take a methodical approach to selecting HR technology, here are five things to keep in mind:

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right HR Technology

1. Know what you need. The solutions available on the market now can help automate and streamline almost any HR process, from recruiting to engagement. But before you opt for a tool that can handle everything, consider what you really need by outlining your requirements, especially if you already have some systems in place. If you decide you really do need one provider for all your workforce needs, just be sure the solution fits within your budget.

2. Don’t fall for the hype. Many times when new solutions hit the market, vested reviewers or the provider’s own marketing team talk them up. But even though it’s easy to be swayed by what you see and hear when you’re shopping around for tech solutions, don’t jump on board blindly. Instead, spend the time thoroughly investigating your options before you buy.

3. Look past the implementation phase. Often during the selection process, providers reassure buyers how seamless integrating a new solution will be. But the people selling the product aren’t the same ones who will be with you as your team learns the ins and outs of the new technology. Be sure to get a clear picture of the type of support you can expect from day one, and ask what performance management is available to gauge the effectiveness of the solution.

4. Confirm the technology is as easy as it looks. No matter how extensive your needs or sophisticated the solution you’re looking for, any option you consider should be user-friendly. While your technology team may be the one to head up the installation, your HR team will be the one utilizing the tool on a daily basis so it needs to be simple enough for everyone to work with.

5. Do your due diligence. Many vendors will lavish you with attention during the sales stage. But that may change once you’re a client. Ask peers about their experience with the solution provider’s tool and service. And check objective, verified reviews from other companies with similar needs. You’re making a big investment when you buy HR technology so you want to get the level of performance you need – and expect.

With the latest HR technology developments, you’ll be better able to meet your company’s objectives. Just be sure the solution you select is a help and not a hindrance by downloading our vendor checklist. To learn about Complete Payroll Solutions’ tools, call 866.658.8800.

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