Hiring Trends 2018: Video, Community, and Building an Employer Brand

Hiring Trends 2018

Hiring the best talent is a constant struggle for businesses of all sizes, and keeping up on the latest trends is an important part of staying competitive.

In her article “Hiring Trends for 2018,” Joy Jordan explores the various factors contributing to the shift in focus that is occurring in our modern job market. She specifically notes the high turnover rates, a shortened average tenure, and general lack of talent—all of which are present in what is considered a fluid job market.

To gain more insight into the current state of affairs, Jordan spoke with experts in the field, including Complete Payroll Solutions’ very own Karyn Rhodes, VP and Director of Complete HR Solutions.

Rhodes offered her expertise on the growing “war for talent” and reflected on the obsolescence of a lifetime employment contract, saying that employers are learning to adapt to this paradigm shift.

“With the competition for talent, 90 percent of employers anticipate more competition from emerging markets in India, North America and Asia,” Rhodes told Jordan. “Greater emphasis will be placed on the employee experience as companies are forced to focus on corporate culture and values more than pay.”

The article, which appeared in the January issue of Cape & Plymouth Business, also covers the methods that employers are implementing to reach and retain the right employees, such as innovative recruitment strategies like engaging video, an emphasis on community involvement, and building an employer brand.

To learn more about how hiring trends are shaping the regional and national job market, and to hear more of Rhodes’ insights, you can access Jordan’s article here.

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