Families First Paid Sick Leave: A Guide To FFCRA For Employers

families first paid sick leave

If you’re like many employers, understanding all the new rules and regulations that have come about as a result of the…


Exempt Employees Vs Non-Exempt Employees: What’s The Difference?

Exempt Employees Vs Non-Exempt Employees

Meet Joe. He makes $30 an hour as a computer programmer and works 20 hours a week. Can you tell if…


The True Cost Of HR Outsourcing In 2020

cost of HR outsourcing

As a business owner, your focus is on growing your company. As a result, you may be thinking about outsourcing HR…


W-2 Vs 1099 Workers: Understand the Difference Before you Hire

W-2 vs 1099

When you’re staffing your business, you have different options for bringing on talent. The two most common types of work arrangements…


In-House Vs. Outsourced HR: A Head-to-Head Comparison

outsourced hr

Human resources touches every employee and every department, so managing it can take a lot of time and effort. And the…


When do I give an employee’s final paycheck? Learn your state’s rules

Final Paycheck

Whether an employee quits or is involuntarily terminated, it can be a challenging time for a number of reasons. Depending on…


Workforce Training Goes Remote

Workforce Training

Lockdown measures may have been lifted, but a Gartner survey reveals that 41% of workers are still likely to work remotely,…


What is Hazard Pay?

hazard pay

During COVID-19, some employers have awarded hazard pay to frontline workers, from healthcare and delivery personnel to employees at meat processing…


COVID-19 Medical Screening Best Practices

medical screening

As businesses make plans to reopen, top of mind is how to keep the workplace safe. While guidelines vary by state…


COVID-19 and the Rise of the EAP


Nearly half of adults in the US in a recent KFF poll said their mental health has been negatively impacted due…



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