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Who is a 1099 Worker?

by John Stebbins - March 9 2020

If you’re considering using freelancers, you may be wondering just who is a 1099 worker. As a result of the rise of the gig economy – according to the...


Tips for Employee Satisfaction in the Modern Workplace

by John Stebbins - February 18 2020

The old adage that money can’t buy happiness applies in the workplace as well. While many companies believe that money matters most to their employees...


Five Ways to Fight Flu’s Effects in the Workplace

by John Stebbins - February 4 2020

It’s flu season, and February is historically the height of it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But influenza activ...


10 Unconventional Interview Questions to Ask

by John Stebbins - January 29 2020

Everyone has been asked standard questions in an interview before. And that means job candidates can likely anticipate what you’ll ask and prepare reh...


Eliminate 5 Workplace Distractions to Boost 2020 Productivity

by John Stebbins - January 21 2020

On-the-job interruptions may seem innocent enough, but add them together throughout the week and they total a big hit to productivity. It’s no surpris...


Your Employee Handbook In The New Year

by John Stebbins - January 7 2020

With crucial information about workplace policies and procedures, an employee handbook is a go-to resource in many organizations. Yet with changing em...


Exit Interviews: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

by John Stebbins - December 3 2019

Employees who leave your company—whether they resign or are discharged—often know a lot about your business and your workplace. A final sit-down with ...


An Employee’s Final Paycheck and Other Separation Procedures

by John Stebbins - November 19 2019

More than 3.5 million Americans quit their jobs every month and, last year, US businesses laid off 21.9 million workers according to the Bureau of Lab...


Combat Turnover by Investing in Your Workforce

by John Stebbins - October 22 2019

Turnover is expensive. And, frankly, it’s likely. In fact, each year, nearly 25% of the nation’s workforce undergoes some type of career transition. T...


Five Pet Perks to Consider for Your Workplace

by John Stebbins - October 15 2019

Today, sixty-seven percent of American households own at least one pet. Whether you’re trying to attract – or keep – animal-loving employees, especial...

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