Tips for Successful Telecommuting

With more and more employees seeking a greater work-life balance, many companies are offering increased flexibility. And one of the most…


Why You Need A Marijuana Policy

Marijuana legalization across the US is increasing recreational and medical use of the drug. And in some workplaces, that’s having an…


Posting Success: Three Steps to Compliance

Even though employees may pass by them daily without a second glance, workplace posters are essential to alerting workers of their…


Should You Go Gray?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor force participation rate is expected to increase fastest for the oldest segments…


Payroll Facts and Figures: What you Need to Know for 2019

Each year, legal and regulatory changes can impact everything from the amount of payroll taxes you have to pay and your…


Do Your HR Practices Measure Up?

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, HR departments are expected to keep up with the latest requirements to ensure continued compliance. But…


March Update: CPS Reports Record Growth in January


CPS saw more than 70% year-over-year revenue growth compared to a year ago, setting a record pace of new customer acquisitions….


Time to ditch paper? Top Reasons to Consider Paperless Payroll

Physical checks may be the more traditional method of compensating employees, but they can also be costly to ship, delayed due…


401k+Payroll=Big Benefits

One of the most popular benefits continues to be 401(k) plans. According to the latest SHRM annual employee benefits survey, 93…


Alternative-Funded Health Plans: A Good Alternative for Small Businesses

With small employer health insurance costs expected to rise again this year, interest in new ways to contain the increases continue…



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